You ever watch National Lampoon's European Vacation?
When I were a wee fella films like the aforementioned gave me a very polarised perspective of how life on the continent was. As I grew and learned how to walk onto airplanes I soon discovered that the Europe depicted in this larf a minute hollywood romp were largely based on old cliches. What a dissapointment. Dammit Griswold, why ya be misleading dem yoots of Ireland?
I'd largely given up on the Lampoon dream until one day I got out of my squashed budget airline seat and set foot in Sweden, it was here upon seeing such unrivalled stunning smiley people that the Lampoon series fully redeemed itself. Look at the beaut below if you don't believe me. Perrrrmanga!
To see an Irish grot spoiling the view in Sweden, have a look-see at Anders Neuman's article from his mag transition over there.

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