Its bitter cold right here, good time for staying in and scribbling, until next year..

Clynn & Dlynn in Belfast

Here's the brother's Lynn's section from the Scrum Tilly Lush- filmed over two periods in grimey Belfast- the marching season mid June and the chilly season in late November. The most memorable trip out of the entire filming project due to the gnarly days filming during marching and the good vibes from all the fellas taking advantage of the empty riot police van ridden streets!

Conhuir & Denis Lynn in Belfast, The Scrum Tilly Lush. from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

s'more sketch book

Its wet out- but its just raining a tiny bit everyday, just enough to keep the ground wet and your ear holes cold- so here's some more sketch book bits from the last couple of days

Canvas x sketchbook

This is quite strange, any of the individual photos of these works I do try upload just upload upside down, even if flipped first, what duh deal? Anyway the "group photo" of the paint pals uploaded fine- so as you can see I've combined the sketchbook stuff with some landscapes based on some grimey stilsl from the vid- two from a factory in Belfast and one from Southbank in London.

Soy & Vivien in Paris- The Scrum Tilly Lush

Here's the next installment of The Scrum Tilly Lush - a few sweaty sun soaked days in the French capital with Roy Sunday & his large eye-browed accomplice Vivien Feil and all their muckers.
The sheer scale of this city really does warrant a local guide when trying to navigate from spot to spot, an aul drop of cheap delicious sauce is quite the tonic after a long days ripping in this urban sprawl, good times!
Special props go to Vivien Feil, the silent ripper who was always lurking and keeping an eye on my camera bag while I was too busy to notice, plus he kills it, good man!

Soy Panday & Vivien Feil in Paris- The Scrum Tilly Lush from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

Giant peacock robot thing

Sketchbook with pro marker & pigment liner.

SOMA mag

Paint pens don't work the best on paper, ah well.

Anyway, had a look through the new PDF version of SOMA mag- So Sick! Even if I can't understand the Frenchies, I do love the rest of the visual content. Always gets me amped.

of late

Been flying through the sketchbook pages and canvas' of late, here's more from my sketchbook- makes waiting for the bus a good time when you've a beer cozy full of markers.


Been getting stuck into a couple of new projects with all the new films I've got back, and both the 1st and 2nd rule stop me from any further elaborations.

Digital Hub

I was quite delireh' to find out that 3 sections from The Scrum Tilly Lush have been selected to be screened at The Digital Hub's "Projected weekend's" programme this coming weekend (11th-13th Dec) .
The sections will be screened for passing motorists, pedestrians, junkies and fixie hipsters up on Thomas street (above) with a second screen just around the corner.
One of the screens is located opposite the entrance to the Guinness store house, and you can find the other one on the map right here.

Looks like the holy grail might be hidden in the Guinness store house eh? Pity that shit leaves me with thumping headaches- Beamish is the way forward!

Little black boook

When i was over in foggy Landan town last time I picked up a bunch of little hard back books that I've been filling with sketches almost everyday since. I mainly draw in them when I can't control what I'm doing with my time- so if I'm waiting for a bus, might as well draw- same thing about being on the bus (hence the sloppyness) I also got some other housers to draw in them too, and they did way better stuff than me, but hey, fug it. Luke lashed out the top on in 5 mins when i knocked around to his gaff last week, I did the bottom one hafter seeing a PA system in a music shop in Dublin, big deal.

Lennie Burmesiter in Berlin -The Scrum Tilly Lush

My lieben affair with Deutschland began at the tender age of 16 when I went on a schuleaustauch to the Bavarian town of Wurzberg with a bus load of other Bray cretins. It was quite the pleasant culture shock from the mean streets of the Braytrix to be greeted by smiling blonde beuaries, schools that imposed very very few rules, cheap beer, cheap delicious beer, a language I could kind of grasp and the ever puzzling cigarette machines in housing estates- why oh why were they not vandilised? I mean, they were in the housing estate, just like electricity boxes, there to be wrecked, but these contained smokes! A foreign concept indeed!
I subsequently returned to Germany a few times but had never made it to the capital until I ventured to Berlin late last year for an 11th hour filming mission with local all terrain rumbler Lennie Burmeister. I didn't know a lot about Leonard's skating and was pleastanly introduced to his home city with a savage display of footwork at some of the best spots I have ever witnessed, not to mention the good vibes, cheap beer, cheap wine and cheap beer. Berlin is a pretty inspirational city just to walk around, so many things to catch the eye to the point that I never had time to even contemplate bashing up any cigarette machines.

Lennie Burmesiter in Berlin, The Scrum Tilly Lush. from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

Eighries grearies

Any show that explores such importance themes as life, death and the current living conditions of a popular eighties Irish kids TV show gets my vote. "Remember me in 1983" came from the child brain of brain child Mick Minogue and was one of the funest shows I've been to in a while, not that I go to many anyway, but this one had a sega mega drive with street fighter 2 in it- Gibbo dutifully kicked my ass repeatedly at said game to win the title of most misspent youth.

Excuse the crappy camera phone pics, but in 1983 they woulda been top drawer sheeed, just like Bosco, but look at him now, poo-wur unfortunate soul/puppet.

Racoon finds dead care bear in woods..

There was even a live drawing projected/V'd thigs too, good to see proper effort being put in- dude can draw too, like woah!

The cap the night off every punter got a party bag to chomp down and chase with the exhibition sauce, good show I say ol' chap!

Lirrel faced killah

Just got this painting finished in the knick of time last night, so here's some pics before it was bubble wrapped- Ima' gonna have it in the opening show for the very rad little ghost gallery in Kilkenny next Friday- The whole show is about Christmas presents of the past- the first present I instantly thought of was Optimus Prime, so there I am, all stoked out on Optimus while me cousin bashed away on hungry hungry hippos, 'member that sheed? C'mom along for an aul cup of tay if you're in the vacinity.


I was only a whole wan in year of our lord 1983, however, that won't stop me going to see a show tomorrow (Friday) in the Monster truck hallery by Mick Minouge- called "remember me in 1983" The whole thing is about what happend to those 80's super heros after they had their hey-day- captain plaent looks in rag order..

150th post celebrations

Paper party hats, noisy extendable whistles and club shandy all round as this blog is a whole 15o posts old- that's an awful lot of dung to be talking, and let the dung pile grow.

First of all BIG ups to Human Pyramids mastermind Hovin for helping me out getting this pile of colour negative film processed- 'tis way more expensive than the usual stuff but damn, its looks so buttery as them rap fellas say. I'll elbourate on the film's image content in a liddy bit, quite excited about it!
Second BIG BIG ups go to resident Irish skateboarding mad man Jer Evans and his wife Susie who gave birth to 8lb 11' Daisy Evans, that's one big baby, small turkey tho'. The painting above will also be going into the SOMA exhibition this January, jeah Jer!

Neil Diamond

In a random turn of events I received a pretty rad pair of blue denims in a twine bundled package a little while ago- they're from an Italian company called "Onvis" who basically have the very original idea of getting consumers of they're jeans to keep track of what they do in them and then when the raw virgin blues get all worn and torn they are sent back to Italy where the peeps at Onvis replicate the wear and tear that they like best- so I've been sweating my ass off in these bad boys lately, maybe one day they'll become replicated and everyone with a big hole can buy a pair of me blues.

Janne Saario in Helsinki

This guy is the guy- Janne Saario's section from The Scrum Tilly Lush. Stand up gent of a man who persevered over 3 rainy days in Finland's capital to bring you the manual madness below. A lot of the spots are way harsher than they look, way harsh bro. Yeah Janne!

SOMA 10 x 10

In anticipation for a group show I'm involved in this January in the SOMA gallery in Waterford I have been taking advantage of the wet wet weather and indulging my paint nerdyness.

Here's a sample of some of the work i'll be displaying-and with the wet weather set to continue I should be growing this collection a sizable amount before the show opens.

All canvas is 10cm x 10 cm... many more to come.

Any queries about the work/exhibit contact:

Ruby Ayoub R.I.P.

A few days shy of her 6th birthday my girlfriend's little sister Ruby became quite ill- initially she was diagnosed with swine flu and sent home- again, she visited another doctor, and was once again diagnosed with swine flu, and although she was displaying similar symptoms she in fact had meningitis. As some of you may know time is precious in diagnosing meningitis, and that precious time was wasted with misdiagnosis as Ruby lapsed into a coma and passed away.

All that I can say on this unbelievable tragedy is that people should know the symptoms of meningitis- especially those who have or are around kids, because as we seen with little Ruby, doctors can get it very wrong and time is so so critical. If you scroll to the bottom of this page it takes about 30 seconds to read the symptoms of meningitis and septicemia - please read it.
You can also donate towards meningitis research on the same site.

Lapse in pyramid

Human Pyramids group show timelapse at Ghettogloss from Human Pyramids Artist Collective on Vimeo.

Hovin Wang- mastermind behind Human Pyramids put together a rad timelapse vid-ya of the show's set up which you can see above- proof that I occasionally get off me hole and do some work!

Bishop Brennan

How quickly things can get ourreh hand- what started as an originally themed night of drawing on pub tables (organised by Dublin graph shop All City) ended up in a clerical showcase.
Basically the theme of the night was to go to the pub and draw on the tables- Luke dutifully obliged with cheap marker mash up- yeah!
Here's my effort- sticking to subject matter I know and love- Bray.
Things weren't really up to much and the jubilant mood of my fellow Bray bollix's was dpping- so one google search on the phone and we were then turning our efforts and the posters for the festival into an array of retarded hats.
Serious stuff.
Full costumes weren't long coming.
Bishop Gibbons, of the parish Delgany, here to spread the good word of badly drawn aliens who peak over your shoulder and then catch fire because you left them on the candle.
Our marvellous hat related hi-jinx were proclaimed as heroics and we were subsiquently raised upon the shoulders of the publicans and declared true kings among bishops. "hail the lads from Bray" the crowd proclaimed- and who's blame them, we're deadly. No Bishop Brennan tho.


I have this large canvas I always use to lean on if I'm doing smaller paintings and its been getting scribbled on so much it loks like this now.

Howaya Love

I like communicating with Love Eneroth- not due to a particular receptive nature of the Swede, or due to the fact that he looks remarkably like Ed Norton, no, it because I get to use the same colloquialisms as inner city Dublin street traders a.k.a. aul wan's hawking fruit on Moore Street. "Howaya Love, d'y'want any greeepes? Lovedly bananas derrr Love, beuariful Love.." and so it goes.
The guys at WESC have revamped thier website and accordingly have axed me to upload his Stockhom section from the Scrum Tilly Lush, so here ye go Love.

Love Eneroth in Stockholm- The Scrum Tilly Lush from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

We Want Names Video

Below is a video I made for a band called We Want Names. It stars long standing Irish skateboarding muscle man Al Collins, the song, the bulk of the footage, the video, and the star of the show are all have one common thread... they were all made in Bray!
The bulk of Al's footy was shot on a Sony vx1000 that had no viewfinder, a broken exposure meter, malfunctioning shutter speed..well the works, but Al rips week in week out so I couldn't resist pointing the ol' shite cam at him to capture some of the badness. I'm glad that camera is dead now tho, trouble since day one.

Indian Scummer

With Bray's autumnal sun baked blaze out I've been waiting until sun down to get computer related stuff done- yesterday was no exception as I jumped in Wayne's mobile which took two Bray cretins (Marn dawg & I) to Athlone's new skatepark for the first time- Marn dawg floats a hardy above. yeee haaawr!
The park was not mch to look at in photees, but way radder to skate in the flesh form- lots of interesting lines, nice transitions and mellow ledges.
I even got on me knees to praise the park when Wayne floated by and I incidentally happened to capture his soul.
Anyway, the park was a welcome change to Greystones steep transitions- really fun day, neato gang!
Thanks to Scott Kells for the photos.

Banned in Bray

If a band is from Bray and the members of said band endorse Beamish over Guinness and even provide said beverage at the launch of their EP, well, I believe that ticks all musical boxes to create a great band. The quartet in question are "We Want Names*" and they were launching their debut EP last night out of a skip around the back of Bray's southern cross industrial estate with afters tea and custard creams in the little flower hall. Above is skin thumper Seany Norgrove rising from the dead to distort my perspective on the world. (*pronounced in old school detective style)
Hipsters don't exist in the Braytrix, they'd just wither and die from the smell from the harbour bar jacks. Instead of hipsters we have spas, 4 prime specimems pictures below..

Just incase you missed it first time around- spa central.
High society. That's my big bro mid asphyxiation on the right- he play dem stringed geetars in the band, Col the bassist is lurking over his shoulder- the rest are a roadies moonlighting as groupies.

I had the privilage of making their first music video- will try post it up tomorrow..

Grape Ape

I've only been to San Francisco once, that one time a lot of people axed me for a dollar on the street, which i'll take to mean that dollars must be a popular commodity around those parts. So if you're one of those people who has a collection of dollars there will be a human pyramids desk at the new APE convention that will be happy to exchange useless pieces of art by myself for your dollar collection.