Been feelin' a bit Moby Dick lately, which has meant that I've been content to stay in and work on some more paintings.

Here's wan of Janne Saario and his thunderbolt kid Tuure Saario, two radical dudes!

Sleep? Not today.

Man, hells of a week me has had. Stockholm was complete rad a tad tad ness, i hooked back up with Love and his mates again, his foot is better and they all ripped so hard, skated some raw diggy spots and drank a slew of free brew, good times! Cheers to Ricky at Wesc for hooking it up, jay-men to that!
In the haze of the aforementioned brew induced blur, the next part was hooked up for the next day, which at that stage was only a few hours away. Again, it was Ricky who hooked it up- and off I went to Amsterdam to hook up with all round gingivitis man Weiner Van Wagamama. Fwack, I tells ya something, that lad is dayim good, he was stomping out mad ledge trickery at mach speed all with a belly full of raw Herring and a mouth full of zin in.
I'm a man of fierce appetite, eating is so underrated, but when I was in Paris Soy would always forget to eat. How do you forget how to eat? I didn't get it and as food would not be on the agenda I used to have to remind to chomp before my belly went all pretzelly.
Well in Spamsterdam Wieger and his very friendly bunch of mates seemed to forget to sleep. I managed to sneak to bed at 2a.m. on the first night only for Weegsky to ring me at 3 a.m. to tell me I didn't have to wake up to let the guys in. "Dr. Phil, I'll rip for you tomorrow Dr. Phil. Hey, you film, so you're Dr. Philmer, ahahaha" Hilarious. 6a.m. and the lads decided to visit this pile of bones, just to shout "Zin innnn" a million time at me. Apparently it means amped, they only say it 1000 times an hour of everyday. 9a.m. Phone wakes me up- "Dr Phil, can you open the door?" Young fanta pants had nipped out to gerra birra Herring. Does this dude sleep? Not a lot apparently.... ever.

The next day Weaker's foot was wrecked from an open blister, so a return journey to pick up more footy had been decided. That night we went to a premiere of an interesting film documenting skating in new York from the beginning till now... and after the show it the after pardee, as R O Cealigh would say. I narrowly avoided getting lamped by a moped on the way to the free bar. Mojitos? I'd never normally indulge in such minceyness, but when someone else is playing I won't say nay'.
...Mid way through the mediocre DJ set the beats became louder and I sudden found myself in the middle of the funnest mosh pit ever as a local heavy metal band ripped the packed dance floor. At some point between the doing the Homer Simpson circle floor dance & getting stamped on by the lead singer I felt like the happyest fugger in the world. Till next time, thanks dudes!

Love to

ye olde bloggy cam went a stray so I'll rely on scans and perhaps interpretive dance moves to convey the latest happenings- or maybe words would suffice, 'member them?

Due to Love rolling his ankle last time, I'm off back to Stockholm on Tuesday courtesy of Ricky at We cloth and thread company. Cheers meng!
Here's a scan from the end of a reel from my last trip to Stockholm, just before the reel funs out you always get half exposed frames like this with random colours, I like.


Big ups to Skateboarder mag, 48 blocks & Bellows skateboards for linking up the teaser.
Tanks a tousand!

Johnathon from posted up a few nice words about the last vid and the new tease right here.

The Bagel has landed

Here's the new trailer for the new film. We're roughly past the half way stage now.

More Skateboarding Videos >>

Pain in le prix?

Paris, I had my apprehensions and for good reason. My last encounter with this metropolis was a brief but unpleasant pass through while coming back from Nantes. Jer telling a beggar that she couldn't have any of his chocolate biscuits coz' they were for "Me and my friends" was the only real event of note that occured. "Biscee bisceee?" "No, you can have an apple"The only other time before was worse. I was around the 18/19 mark and Paris was the first stop along a month long inter-railing trip with 3 other Bray heads. After a sweaty day of nearly getting started on in the Metro and other such misfortunes, we took it upon ourselves to get trolleyed during happy hour in our hostel (in an effort to thwart stereotypes that may have preceded us). Apres' getting gee-eyed, the group ventured outdoors in search of steamed hams and the like. Being the budding camera man that I was I felt inspired enough to bring my old Hi-8 camera to document the adventure, and an adventure it was. Upon leaving the chipper we were confronted by two jumped up little fucks who clocked me in the head a few times (with their forearms, not fists??) and demanded my camcorder off me. Due to my lack of French I'd no idea what they were saying, but I could kind of get the jist of it as they both gestured that they were going to knife. Shit wan. As one of them attempted to get forearm punch my mate Damo, are two other "friends" watched on from a good 100 metres down the road. Nice one lads. Panic station. They tried to corner me and kept screaming "Donay! Donay!" Apparently that meant "give, give, (you scuttered tourist)", but I only knew is as being a brand of tennis racket that Andre Aggasi used. I did what any other hero would do and screamed "Noooo, nooo!" then sprinted as fast as I could, straight into a bench. Thud! Strangely enough they didn't pounce on me then, they just left me.
Anyway, you can see that between "Donay!" and "Biscee?" Paris hadn't really left a great impression on me. However, upon recommendation from Mr Bean-a-like Dom Marley that I should definitely hook up with Soy Panday & Vivien Feil for the new film I found myself zooming towards the French capital once again, 3 times the charm? Oui!
For wan Paris is massive, so I figured that I must have only seen the shit bits before. This time round I seen A LOT of it mainly because the roads were so smooth that we could skate everywhere. When the journey was too big we Metro'd or took these €1 rental bikes. Fixie? Non! 3 speed and a basket is where its at!
Vi vi, tres tech.
One distinct advantage of my recent film-related travels has been the luxury of turning my brain off and following the leader. This was basically my view for any A-B movement during the trip. No stressing, no getting loss, no Donnay! Easy street, leaves you to properly soak the city in.
Cuisine, another advantage, I rip at eating.
Wan of the few times underground, and for good reason.. get to this amazing epic spot, its been in tonnes of stuff but I didn't really realise how big it was, tonnes of fun!

This place was pretty close and pretty fun too.
Le subjects. When we weren't out skating we were checking out the cream of youtube. Invade Cuba and take their sugar to help our economy? That dude knows what he's talking about! Christ!

After a hard days shred we lapped it up in a very non traditional way by schlurping fine wine and indulging in several cheeses on baguettes.
Vivien had promised, with a smirk on his beak, that he was going to get me "Fucked up, Parisian style". I was almost intimidated until he flaked after too many wine gums. Maybe next time.
"Get a picture of me with all these drinks"
Next morning, we re-visited the Sun dial spot, never knew it was a Sun dial, but it is, so there. Its due to get demolished next year, but that didn't stop us getting le boot the first time, the re-visit proved way more fruitful with Soy's silent ripper friend Oliver tearing it up.
We explored and shot, was so nice to actually be able to skate from A-B around a city this big.
Unfortunately Johny Law was already on the scene at this mental spot, shame.

I can safely say that my Parisian perspective as been turned back to front. I had such a rad time from start to finish and felt the urge to return as soon as I left. Thanks to Soy for putting me up in his gaff, showing me so many sick spots, and ripping with a rare aul steeze that only he possesses. Cheers to Vivien for being a smart fugger, and a hard ripper (he's got mega POP!). The scene in general was super friendly, and the spots were plentyfull, diverse and fun! I gotta hit the post office and get that all that film off to the lab!

Monkey magic

Finally got the new Monkeybird vid-ya in the door after a few days wait ( and to think Ryan is a fear an phoist!), was reall looking forward to it and I was not disappointed!
Full proper vid with full proper sections from a bunch of Irish rippers! The music throughout is spot on from Devandra Banhart to Pulp, it all suits real well. Too much craziness to go though, but I think Sam Perkins or Dlynn would be my favourite sections, although the rest are damn good too, Marc Beggan has POP (and a very rad song)

Do yourself a flavour and by this video! It flows from start to end, and guess what, it gets you amped! Go Ireland, go skateboarding!! If you download/burn it you must glue a willy shaped object to your forehead and keep it there for life, nah' mean? Buy this shit, £5 ain't gonna break the spank, e-mail: for copies.
Well done Ryan, well done lads! UTMB!