I've been wondering where all these young lads are coming from with their fizzy drinks sponsors- and now through one nostalgic you tube clip it has all become clear-
That tash sure wields a lot of influence.

Irie dreams

I had a dream last night that i was hanging out with Gibbo and I sang a full dub version of "Roxanne" by The Police. Gibbo knew the dub version in the dream too, probably because he only really plays Dub in his car.
"Roxannnne, aye don av to pud on dat raaid lite, dem yoots don care if it be wrong or rite ting" Or something along those lines, hey, it was a dream.

No way, I was just about to post this and I searched the Dub version of Roxanne and it exists- this is what it sounds like:

I prefer my version.

Human paint turds

Here's what's been consuming the bulk of my waking hours lately, and a fair chunk of my sleeping ones too- I'm working on many ins and outs of my piece with Gibbo as my muse- just hope I can get it done in time. Stoked on the poster, not just for the paint poo poo, but more so for "..London, Tokyo, Sao Paolo, New York, L.a., Bordeaux, Bray.." C'mom Bray Wanderers!


Here's a production still from the current short I'm working on that should give you a very small peek as to how the whole thing is going to transpire, as in there will be lots of giant props like this courtesy of the skilled hands of me mate Ben. (he's big hands)

..and tiny props like the later. Half the film is off at the lab and half of the new stock is on the way so there's lots of work on props at the moment. I forgot how much painting hurts my back, but hey.

Ye olde' post

A bit more of this on the horizon- the pants were actually tracksuit bottoms with what appear to be hot rock burns in them- classy!


Soy Panday is a hairy fella, but don't let that deter you from reading an interview I did with him over at the human pyramids site.