True Jeraldine

"What would the Irish skate scene be without Jer", is what Paddy Clear said about the legend that is Jer Evans. Jer is now in his 33rd revolution of the sun and is still ripping like a maniac, maniac on the dancefloor. I always have fun when I travel with Jer, sometimes the well warranted slaggings of eccentricities get a bit too frequent but Jer is always a good sport about it.
When Jer likes something he's generally "a bit of a fusspot" about it, and making this video was not to be an exception. He was understandably a little apprehensive about this rookie filmer flunky, but when he did decide to commit to making a full part he got fully into and I think he did a rad job! His standards are pretty high and he skated a wide variety of stuff. He was a little worried though about how his skating would hold up against handrail chompers and stair leppers, so he approached me once and said that he came up with a knick-name for himself that "the lads can use after they've seen my part".."Bankenstein"! 'Say no more.

Luke: "Jer, you're a legend you know that"
Jer: "Ah, we'll see how it goes"
Jer is the only wan with (now standard issue) Barcelona footage in his part. On the trip in question he was subject to torrents of laughter and was so so cool about it. The offending parties were myself and Joey Lynch, on our own we'd be grand, but when the two of us were with Jer we'd notice his quirks a lot more for some reason. Everyday stuff, like walking out of a hostel room full of the lads"Now, I'm just going to the shop, so am I locking the door, lets see, I've got my phone" -cue joey holding his gut in fits of laughter.
This was to be cranked up with the introduction of illicit leaves (to which I was to discover I'd zero tolerance for), and on a particular night when Joey and me were under the influence Jer decided to bring us on a 2 hour trek of Barcelona in search of a particular flavoured ice-cream called Coco holindaez (fusspot), Joey then realised in his altered state that Jer looked like the flavour of his ice-cream that he sought so badly "Luk at jerrrs head..he's Coco Hernandaaaaaz! Ahhhhhh", and it stuck. He's still saved in both our phones as coco hernandez, and he's still a good sport about it, what a guy!

"Ah, sure we'll see if we can get a few bits and bobs here"
Indeed we did. Jer skates odd spots quite well, the type of spots that get me amped, you could call him a lot of things but he certainly ain't bland, I love the variety in his part, he definietely makes a conscious effort to keep things ineteresting. One particlar spot that he killed was the Nissan hip in tallaght, hard as fook to skate, but look at height on that kickflip! Boom!

As Jer was apprehensive about my rookie skills he insisted on being hands-on about the music, and he gave me a "the Who" C.D. that he'd borrowed from Mr. Music (Gibbo).
He thought the song would be good to edit to and he was right. It actually got the most time and effort in terms of corresponding the skating to the music (it was the first part I finished). I still really like the song, and I'd consider myself to be a fuuspot when it comes to music, especially in vids. Well done Jer, nicelly spotted!
Guitar bend noseslide, yeah! --->

When the vid was done he insisted on seeing his part before it was out, he still had his doubts. Steve, myself and Jer sat in my room as Jer held his hands up to his gob with the most intense look in his eyes during his whole part. He was stoked, that made me stoked, I'd appeased the fusspot Gods! Another thing he was insecure about was the fact that all bar one line of his footage is in a W/DC shirt, he was afraid of not reppin' the other sponsors (at his high professional level). Jay, hook him up with a lifetime achievement polo neck!

"Jeremy stoooked in, claaaass todaaaaay"- that ender kickflip was "serious stuff", we went to film it one day, and two batteries and a tape later there were no results to be yielded, poor Jer was truely goin' mad that day coz he'd already landed it for a sequence with Leo from Sidewalk, but he made up for it in spades by going back and doing it in about 2 mins another day.

Here's a poem I wrote about Jer.

An intense stare,
from a man with no hair,
frankly fine,
three cheers for Jer.

True Guy: Steve O Cealigh

Man True guys, the good ol' days! I finished this vid literally just before I went to oz for a year, I was trying to sort out the dvd's before I was trying to pack my stuff, but I had to leave it in Al's capable hands. Rich Gill said he's sort me out with a photo for the cover, so I thanked him in the credits before I'd even seen it! Turns out Luke did the cover, all I did was give him a photo from a Barcelona trip of Steve getting malled by about ten drunken hands/whale cocks and in me in the foreground looking bleached and out of proportion, it was just a funny photo. Before Al sent me a batch of the dvds to Sydney I was getting texts off people saying "Love the vid man, Keep on rockin in the free world". I'd no idea what they were on about until I got the actual copies, I was so stoked on the job Luke did, he's a funny cunt, and it was good to see he didn't take it too seriously while making it look rad, go Luke!

That vid took over my life for a couple of months in the summer of 2004. I'd never made a video, so I was doing my best to convince the lads that I'd be able to do it proper, Steve was real mellow and was always down to film, but he didn't give a shit in a good way. Like he's do something and everyone's jaw would drop but he never made a big deal of it, was just a fun dude to skate with, a true guy! Definitely the most natural skater I've ever skated with, both in abilty (he could do ANY trick, I witnessed everything from steezed out flip bs noseblunts to Puleo-esque quick feet street madness) and steez, 10kilos of Kerrygold couldn't come close to describing the butteryness.
Quick feet were imperative on the skate stopped trinity bank and the board wide run up flip front crook pop to metal mesh landed, I think he did that second go something insane like that.

When we were trying to finish the video he was back in school, I think in his final year, and I was working at Vodafone. I'd leg it home from work, unplug the batteries, tell ma I didn't want din dins and try meet Steve for the last hour of light, so when we did get to somewhere he'd have to try land whatever it was within minutes, one such occasion being the Dell Rails.
We arrived as the rails, and Steve was gonna try a back lip (he had already flip fs boarded it when sessioning it with Al, while Richard Mulder sat on the cerb and read fuckin' Transworld!)
Anyway, he started getting into the back lips but ground at those rails is yuck yuck, so he was eating shit a plenty, but still going for it. Then security came, out lads, OK. I was ferttin', he was so so close, so we went back, got close, but security came again, real pissed off, out lads, O.K. Went back, same happened, but he really wanted to land it, so he hopped the wall again and nailed it! We went nuts, his bro (James Kelly, brat king!, who almost feebled the rail.) and his mates were stoked, and we thanked security and he went. Cue the footy check- oh shit, tape chewed at the exact point of the back lip! Fwack! I was so pissed off, I remember saying that I wanted to smash my piece of shit camera into the ground, I felt like such a let down after all that hard work. Steve just broke his shite laughing, hoped the wall and landed it first go, and that's the one you see in the vid. What a champ!

The dude ripped spots that the rest of us would laugh at, like the pure grimey triple triple at the start of his part, ye might as well ollie onto a cheesegrater! He was so renowned for being a tech dog and looked so effortless that loads of folk didn't really appreciate how gnar gnar he was. That silhouetted tre flip he did off the kicker outside the Greystone's pharmacy was one of the worst spots I've ever seen, if you ollied that thing you'd be doing extremely well, the grain went the wrong way on the cement and was an inch deep on each groove! Me and Jer couldn't believe that tre, he pulled it out of his "rear end" as Jer might say.

Anyone who skated with Steve will agree that he was one of the most fun people to skate with and one of the nicest dudes out there ~(unlike the sea of cockyness that can be witnessed far and wide) , no big deal mind-bending skills, fry ups for brekkie and some stick ball for lunch! Viva Steve!

The song, what can I say, I love Creedance
here's the link to his part:

Hello, you can read, congrats!
This is Wayne, he can skate, but reeaaly really well, its like the reading equivalent of reading War + Peace is one sitting, with an infected eye, on a shaky bus, while you're car sick, get the picture? Get the words? (titter!)
Well I met up with Mr Wayne today, and I took my bum neck to Greystone to watch him skate like a fat book that's hard to read, as in, good.
He was rocking a beauriful shirt, whoever did that graphic should be knighted. On a side note, as you can see from the pic, Wayne is currently negotiating sponsorship bids from colgate and Listerine.
It just so happens that I had some stuff planned to shoot for the super 8 vid (I'm trying to get it done to premiere it at Van City), Wayne duly obliged and materialised my ideas with nonchalance and steez and consistency, when pressing the trigger is expensive its nice to have someone this good in front of the lens, he ripped!
When I was setting up this shot a mighty mighty park ranger informed me that I needed permission, but went on to say that he might be able to give me "clearance", woah, lucky I've got this dude in my corner, wouldn't want Johny Law busted my balls for another filming offense?!? Anyway, the flecky trackey whistle carrier gave me the all clear, so, well, eh, I filmed.

|The filmy film went so well that it was on to the digi trapper keeper, Wayne produced skateboarding manouevers for said device that were so buttery that tracks of Kerrymaid actually started coming off his wheels!
Got home, logged the footage, but didn't log a log as the trowel movement I had apres Brekkie this morning was so substantial that it'll take a good few feeds to get my guts back up to capacity before the trapdoor needs opening again.



Ever wonder what Alco llins would be like wirra birra trimage, then look at D.C. above!

I stayed in Al's gaff last night is the temperate climates of Bray's upper west side. His cat was there to give me the usal welcome..prick!
As you may gather, I don't like cats, they suck, rub off your leg, show you their hole, who wants that?! His winter coat is reallycoming along though, the little fucker has personality too!
This is his moody look, he asked me to pass it to any casting directors.
Aparently this is his "sombre", I ain't buying it, it looks more like his "what are ye doin with that fuckin camera yolk when I'm trying to eat these delicious meaty chunks, want me to show you my ass or sumthin? Perv!"
Anyway, apart from Wildthing (real name!), there were these rippin' cats on the prowl today, Duffers and J Dilla'
Fatty and Marn dawg were there too, we hit up a few spots, my neck got quite sore, and then I bailed.
Not before capturing young duffers getting stuck into this delish' marble hubba, looks like it shouldn't belong in Ireland!
Got home and had some fresh supa' 8 back from the lab, so i got te' work.

Had a little help from the French with some editing
Oh, and my room had been taken over by the zine, guess I'm taking the couch tonight.
Got a text from Teen wolf, i mean Turlough O Neill with a mention of this blog in it, man I'm reachin' new heights!

Hot off depresses

Issue #2 of the zine
many many features

True Trivia

Get yourseld to the local DIY chubburn and buy some wood, then stick it together with a bit of mala and tac.

I never blogged the construction of my wee mini, but its something I may re-visit in the web world soon, I will highly recommend building one though, your neighbours will love you and you're skating will inevitably progress, skate as you please (if you have a cover for it) sporadic five minute session beat the shit out of ad breaks. good times.

This strappin fellow starred in my favouite film which I used the theme music from for my first video, but what was that film? Answers on the inside of a sweaty neck-brace to the usual address.

Jer Evans exlcusive!

Here's your one stop shop for all the Jer gossip as it happens!

We'll start off with a new revelation of sorts that comes from the gob of this Irish skate legend:

And here's the scoop: "I'm a bit of a fusspot when it comes to chocolate"
Told you it'd be a juicy one!

And as a bonus here's a Quer (Quote from Jer) for all the Jer archivists out there from a few years back. It occured in an all you can eat buffet near Universitat in Barcelona, where Jer turned to young Hipster Ronin Flonin and uttered the words:
"Your hat reminds me of an incident"

Ball is rolling

Reeto, here's the score, I've got a lot of time on my hands over the weekends of the coming two months, so I'll be cracking the video whip on both the digi and super 8 vids and i'll be putting out a new zine very very soon.
First past the post is young old Minti Brown (in the left of the shot) and his right hand man James Black and White.
The two fellars almost didn't darken me door as the forecast was so piss poor for Saturday, but the rolled the dice of life and came up trumps!
We were up early to squeeze the life outta the day, it looked damp on the ground but at least the sky was more promising.

First spot was a gamble, normally a bust, new delicious marble not too far from my homestead, James was rippin' when Security appeared, but we were nice to him, so he returned the favor and gave us 5 mins to wrap up filming where James did a delicious line and a butter filled sweetie of a ledge trick, performance under pressure, and he hadn't even eaten brekkie!

Minti, get in where ye fit in.

10 mins on the road, next spot was a perfect gap out to the road a'la Leeson street, James fuckin killed it! I was shocked and impressed, nollie bs heel first go! Ooooh, he's still gorrit!

He seemed to only have the patience to try something 4 or 5 times before moving onto another, but my neck had long given up due to remnants of whiplash, so Mini Brownstone stepped up to the uncovetted plate of soul catching. Here he displays a very nonchalant approach, results proved it works!

Next spot, quick gap ollie to quick gap ollie, JB on the cam, Mini on the board, security came, gave us 5 mins, jab done!

Next spot was a delicious planter gap in tallaght which was shut down
(or shat doiiine as the lads said) due
to the presence of lots of useless crap.

Tallaght pyramids, one of the raddest spots in the world..witness the wetness.

Bray heads showed up, then we were off to Carrigmines. Flat bar sesh commenced, Al and James both stood up and put it down, champs!

Next up were the Bray banks where we encountered Antartic explorer Tom Crean.

Then off to the wee rail spot,
just a doss really, why not?

Rain tryed to stop the fun at this double 6 stair spot,
but Al put down in the wetness. Witness:

Apres Skate it was time for Bray's young buck Luke Broughan's surprise 21st birfhday, happy manday Luke! He even got his mug in the Bray people for his troubles!