Hello, you can read, congrats!
This is Wayne, he can skate, but reeaaly really well, its like the reading equivalent of reading War + Peace is one sitting, with an infected eye, on a shaky bus, while you're car sick, get the picture? Get the words? (titter!)
Well I met up with Mr Wayne today, and I took my bum neck to Greystone to watch him skate like a fat book that's hard to read, as in, good.
He was rocking a beauriful shirt, whoever did that graphic should be knighted. On a side note, as you can see from the pic, Wayne is currently negotiating sponsorship bids from colgate and Listerine.
It just so happens that I had some stuff planned to shoot for the super 8 vid (I'm trying to get it done to premiere it at Van City), Wayne duly obliged and materialised my ideas with nonchalance and steez and consistency, when pressing the trigger is expensive its nice to have someone this good in front of the lens, he ripped!
When I was setting up this shot a mighty mighty park ranger informed me that I needed permission, but went on to say that he might be able to give me "clearance", woah, lucky I've got this dude in my corner, wouldn't want Johny Law busted my balls for another filming offense?!? Anyway, the flecky trackey whistle carrier gave me the all clear, so, well, eh, I filmed.

|The filmy film went so well that it was on to the digi trapper keeper, Wayne produced skateboarding manouevers for said device that were so buttery that tracks of Kerrymaid actually started coming off his wheels!
Got home, logged the footage, but didn't log a log as the trowel movement I had apres Brekkie this morning was so substantial that it'll take a good few feeds to get my guts back up to capacity before the trapdoor needs opening again.


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