Ever wonder what Alco llins would be like wirra birra trimage, then look at D.C. above!

I stayed in Al's gaff last night is the temperate climates of Bray's upper west side. His cat was there to give me the usal welcome..prick!
As you may gather, I don't like cats, they suck, rub off your leg, show you their hole, who wants that?! His winter coat is reallycoming along though, the little fucker has personality too!
This is his moody look, he asked me to pass it to any casting directors.
Aparently this is his "sombre", I ain't buying it, it looks more like his "what are ye doin with that fuckin camera yolk when I'm trying to eat these delicious meaty chunks, want me to show you my ass or sumthin? Perv!"
Anyway, apart from Wildthing (real name!), there were these rippin' cats on the prowl today, Duffers and J Dilla'
Fatty and Marn dawg were there too, we hit up a few spots, my neck got quite sore, and then I bailed.
Not before capturing young duffers getting stuck into this delish' marble hubba, looks like it shouldn't belong in Ireland!
Got home and had some fresh supa' 8 back from the lab, so i got te' work.

Had a little help from the French with some editing
Oh, and my room had been taken over by the zine, guess I'm taking the couch tonight.
Got a text from Teen wolf, i mean Turlough O Neill with a mention of this blog in it, man I'm reachin' new heights!

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