Been working on a new batch of covers for the vid- here's some egg samples.

Irish skateboarding leg-end Jay Doherty wrote a flattering review of the vid which you can peep if you scroll to the end of this thread:

Starting to get a few paypal/tenners in a letter orders coming through, so if either sound good send me a mail at and you'll get your own piece of film wrapped in original coverage.

Out Now!

Been real happy with the feedback I've been getting and have decided to do another batch of different covers for now.

I made a new trailer to give a better feel for the vid: Clickity click!

If you're after a copy contact

The Bagel has landed

Man, talk about cutting it fine..fwaak, every minute counted in the end, but I managed to get the whole shebang wrapped up for the premiere on sat night. To ensure that I'd get the last reel in time I picked it up by hand from the lab in rootterdam- that sounds way cooler than it was- we wuz already on hollyers in Amsterdam..The place was quite tought to find, we ended up at the thyis tram stop deep in Rotterdam's dense 'burbs. Sparta Rotterdam, now my second favourite team next to Bray Wanderers.
Dutch tingsh
Eventually the lab was located, Frank, the lab man, was real nice, he showed us every step of the the development process, he was a very particular and passionate fella with the film, which was nice to see, its in good hands. Go Frank!
I picked up a loara' film while I was there, all now in me fridge and waiting for the next call
No better way to celebrate the acquisition of something special with a quare can of Amsterdam navigator.
The reel! Man i was releaved to have it. I already knew where the majority of stuff on it was going to go, so having it just meant sprint time. That I did, the whole thing consumed me, but in a nice way, no not that way dude, dude? Duuude!
Right down to the last hours I was working on cover art and disc art, but it all got done!
No two are the same!
Cris' had the idea of the wax seal- stoked!

If you're after a copy (€10/£8 postage incl.) hit us up at, paypal/tenners accepted.

File under misc

In accordance to a looming deadline I've been frantically trying to do everything at once, and its been going pretty well in fairness. Luke (as Puig) popped up for some musical ex-spare-mint-ation with some shiny new gear.

"Serious stuff" This is his new chaos pad, i think, or sampler, mixer, something like that anyway, its pretty sweet if you know what you're doing, if your me, you don't.

and that's hooked up to the other thing with far too many buttons, but he knows how to work 'em, its a bit overwhelming for me so I just go for the guerrilla attack method of swooping and pressing a flashing button, like when your playing guitar and someone starts hitting the strings, not annoying at all. He's pretty good at it, maybe he'll even get a set in the function room of the Royal Hotel bray one day..we all need pipe dreams.
I got a new Dart board as an exquisite birfhday prezzie, but couldn't really use it coz of my neck, but the physio has now told me to exercise as much as I can. What's more athletic than standing in the ochy with a tonne weight of argos jewellery around your neck and strap on belly at your front. My new housemate demonstrate his skills..
but really..
yeah, he missed the wall, but in fairnesss he's got one of those titanium plates in his arm that Wayne has in his peg.
The mammoth Yorkie of reels finally arrived, i was a tad intimidated..
..considering I'm used to chewin on these little lads..but i got a lot of work done. Still gunning to try have it shown during Van City. I was quite enthused with a late night "emergency text" coming in via Minti Brown from Dords with news of a reel from the Dordsman himself, can't wait to get it! There's 5 more reels on there way to Rotterdam, and once they arrive there's already designated spots waiting for them in the editing suite. Fingys crossed I get them back in time.
All those editing hours, man, stoked.
In "What the fuck" news, it pissed down snow t'other day.
and wan of the gerbils pulled a fast one when I let them out for a swim. Eventually she was located under the fire place, under it! Ugh.As if she didn't know.

Down time

Mad Ted, I had put up a post about John and G's part in True Guys, basically saying that Turlough gave me all this rad footage towards the end of the vid that I was verdy stoked on, and how I loved the nicely filmed lines and how stylin' the two lads were and that they actually push a good bit in the lines and didn't look like stiff bricks, but instead oozed flow. Well that's kind of a summary of it, but when I looked for the post it was the immortal words of J.B., Bobby, I dunno. (Stock Turlough pic courtesy of Jezza)
I was planning on hitting Cork (not in the stomach) last weekend, or maybe this weekend, but the masses of moisture being blown around above the ground have put a spanner in that jobby. I'm still waiting on that 300ft reel to arrive, so that's given me time to prepare other stuff for the vid, like converting songs so they actually import into the editing programme, or sussin' out the dvd production so it'll be ready when I'm done. Some songs were chosen before the parts were filmed so I'm just waiting for the stuff to come back so I can put it into place, tis gonna be tight.
In the mean time I'm waiting, down time.

Here's the aforementioned part: