Daniel Lebron & Vincent Bressol in Barcelona- The Scrum Tilly Lush

Here's Daniel & Vincent's Barcelona section from The Scrum Tilly Lush with cameos from Quentin De Briey, JB Gillet & Chris Pfanner.

More fish

Here's some better photos of the work involved in the show as taken by Darren Carlin.

SOMA photos

Too much to say about the SOMA show and how good it was/is. The show is currently running for the next 2 weeks at the SOMA gallery, 6 Lombard St, Waterford City. So pwap on in for a multi room viewing of all the goodness.
The main man behind this, Paul Hallahan, deserves serious props. He took this space from a derelict state and transformed it into the amazing multi room space you can see today. Complete with a video room, 3 spacious spaces and a few radical ramps, he went above and beyond the call of arty duty- take a bow sir!

I'm so stoked on the whole Waterford scene, they completely take advantage of whatever they have and have some real good attitudes going on, no moaning, just radness.

Here's a selection of pics from the night, do yourself a favour and drop in for a gander and a bargain.

Here's an edit put together by deft lensman Neil Sheehan of Tony & the lads ripping the space before it opened:

some shred from secs on Vimeo.

To wrap it up here's another rad edit from Neil Sheehan of some local antics:

Untitled from secs on Vimeo.

Bray regeneration

Take one Bray spot, 3 dudes, two bags of cement, some bottled water and a shovel and what you have is some urban regeneration. Will see if its worked today!

SOMA goodness

The show at SOMA went down a storm in front of a full house, big big ups to Paul Hallahan and all involved for the massive effort that went in, full report soon...

11th hour

SOMA ramps

Ramps are in at the SOMA gallery in Wateford for Thursday's show..

pawp update

I'm racing to get stuff finished for the Pop exhibition in Waterford next week,
here's the latest edition (which includes some mad background props from my sock drawer)

Prrrrmanga in Malmo- The Scrum Tilly Lush

Occasionally i'll have a few knocks, bumps or irregularities that will require me to pay a visit to my doctor. This is how it usually goes- I make an appointment, go to the Doc's, sit in the waiting room, get called into the surgery, describe my symptoms, get diagnosed, prescribed further treatment/med, then I leave. Although my doctor may occasionally enquire about my general (non medical) well being she has never ever once busted out a guitar and screamed out a song about feeble grinds or the creature team. Nor have I ever seen her perform a handstand, not once on a skateboard or otherwise. I guess things are different in Sweden because that's what Perrr Mag's doctor does, really.

Danny Wainwright in Bristol- The Scrum Tilly Lush

Here's Danny's part from The Scrum Tilly Lush- filmed over a nice sunny spell in Bristol. Despite having an Irish mother Danny does a horrendous Irish impression and despite cultivating a beer ponch he can still haul ass of very tall things, yeah meng!

POP won't eat itself

Below is the flier for a new show that I'm going to have quite a few pieces in a couple of weeks time in the SOMA gallery in Waterford. I'm pretty excited about this as I've been working through the winter to get the stuff done for it- the crappy weather lent a hand and I managed to get more done than i had expected.
What I'm most excited about is that Paul Hallahan and a bunch of the dudes running the show are installing a nice skinny old vert quarter as well as a manny pads and boxes, should be sick- don't have to depend on the weather to rip some pumpers to fakie brah'
Come along on Thursday 21st of January with your illuminous vert pads and short shorts if you feel like an art filled rip.


Dublin just got a new indoor park after a long long time without, so in desperation I won't be hitting up the underground carpark in Carrigmines for flatspot sessions on that horrible shiny ground. Got to skate the park today, pretty fun, well done to all involved.
Anyway, here's another from the sketchbook.