This is your life and its ending one minute at a time

Last weekend, (leste Wochenende for any germans who might be reading), I voyaged on the good ship aircoach to "de Narrrth"My Ipod died before I got on the bus, so I amused myself by looking in front of me. I must admit I was a little skeptical as the last two times I ventured to Belfast I ended up at either St Annes or the Waterfront, and if like me, your mass density makes an acid drop off a cerb feel like a base jump, then neither of these spots are your bag.
However young Mini "Keith" Brown did assure me that there were "planny ee spats", so some faith was instilled in my faithful brother.
After he picked me up from the bus stop (I almost got off in Newry by accident) we stopped off at Lidl's boutique to pick up essential supplies such as this sex panther energy drink.
As the Chief in Police Academy would say "Many many many spots were ripped " including these rad rad rad bank yolks by the hospital, unfortunately I didn't take many more spat pics as I was bust pullin' the trigger. Fortunately both cameras are not equipped with microphones so you won't be subjected to the rapid fire gob of young Mennis Lynn. Man that kid can yap, but he evens the yap out with rip so its all good.
Next day i was up before dawn as promised to Ol' Dirty Mini. "You're actually serious, yewanna be up at aaaate?". Too right! I need every minute of light, especially considering its winter and Ireland and light is imperative to exposing the radness.
"Riiite, you'll have a haaard time gattin me outta bad" True that. I have a theory about Mini, i think he may be a new breed of super human that instead of sleeping just dies every night. I don't know anyone else who's daily consumption can consist of 15ish black coffees, fried food, dozens of smokes and a few beers- EVERYDAY! No exception! It was to no surprise that when his reversing-truck-a-like alarm went off it woke his house-mates but not him..twice. He said the only way he'd rise would be if I had his new board set up for him, a fresh cwafee and a smile. I dutifully obliged and he begrudgingly rose again (on the third day).

It was rad gettin' out while the sun was still rising, no one was on the streets and the light was delicious, so we made the most of it. First spaat was a tree-ride! The powers that be cunningly skate stopped the tree's run up with knock knocks, my resulting attempts to move it made supermini wretch. The lengths I'll go to, huh.. Part- poo art
After hitting a really fun wallride spot under a bridge we picked up cake baker JB (who's sprogs had him up since the wee wee hours) and made him jump down stuff, which he did very well, very well done.
Marc Beggan, who was referred to as Beaglesbee about 100 times a day also stood on his skateboard and made it do manys the wonderful stunt. The North has plenty of talent, in the candid photo department too (like he didn't know!), but yeah, rippers!
Send your funny caption of big Stu's wallie wax photo on the inside of a frayed elastic band to the nearest teeth-marked styrofoam cup and be in with a chance to win a pile of misprinted zine paper.
After a super duper and very productive weekend I went back to the homestead only to discover that the intellectual battle with my furry escape artiste was still raging like a simile about something that rages.
I'd lazily placed a copy of Slap over the only uncovered hole in the roof of the cage (which I thought was unreachable) but it seems I underestimated this one as she's already started to make a meal of Nick Domperiere's noseblunt pic.
Slap, endorsed by radical rodents.

Was meant to hit up an Corcaigh this weekend, but Samuel pickled Perkins sent me a weather warning, so that will be on ice until a better time. In the mean time my work is relocating to a fields a further, so I'd to invest in a new bike, its red, that's how you know its the good stuff. This is me shadow cycling/rippin.


I've now commited myself to trying to get this super 8 vid done to be premiered Easter weekend during Van City, a nice idea, and I'm working hard at getting it done, but there are a few variables that are out of my hands, here's a little look-see at the process. I've no idea why this bit is underlined.

First of all you've to get people interested, organised(ha) and down to film, best laid plans often end up a bit like this, but hey, good times.
I've never really planned to shoot anything with a skate video, its normally just been go skate, see if someone is up too much, then film. With this its been fifty fifty. Some things have been winged, others I've put a good bit of planning into them. There's no point in trying to make it like a normal skate vid in terms of giving someone 100 goes. Its a bit of a gamble though', no footie checks here, and each reel of film is 50ft, which at a normal frame rate only gives you 3 mins. So you want people who'll land stuff, first try, Wayne, for example, has dutifully obliged.
Once you've got the stuff filmed its posted off to the lab, in my case I use one in Rotterdam.
Then you wait. It can take a week or two (which is the biggest problem for getting it done for Van City). Colours, synching, film catching properly, its all up in the air. She doesn't care though, she only cares about deez (cashew) nutz.
They send the film back to you on little reels like this.
Early signs can look good, but its so small that you can't really tell until its on the projector.
The reel gets hooked on the small projector spool thing, then you feed the film through the machine. The first projector I had was the best load of bollix and would only work at constantly variable speeds if I held down a switch with my full weight, which would result in a cramped hand, a slight workout and no real results. So I invested in a good'un, and it was worth it, no film chewed and way easier to operate.
That said, this stage of the process (although simple in premise) is the biggest pain in the ring. You've to line up the projector and camera so the image is framed right and not warped/angled. You've to make sure the aperture is right on the projector relative to the film, be it dull or over exposed. Then you get the film at the right point to start capturing. Then the camera cuts out, so you reset the reel. Then you realise you forgot to adjust the white balance and the footage all looks green. So you reset the white balance, its going perfect, then a light gets turned on, or the cam cuts out again coz its shit, then you realise hours have passed and you're simultaneously sweating and dying for a wee wee..etc etc
Then you think about editing, but watch sex and the city or something equally low on brain tax.

It can be quite rewarding when something comes out as you planned, even one thing on a whole reel can make my day.

And in the interest of (cautious) hype, here's 30 seconds of your life:

So, nah, don't start a blog with so, that's like when you're around someone you don't really know that well and the conversation has dried right up, the first thing you always say is "Soooo, generic comment about generalities?"
So, the ol' film whip is being cracked with ferocity as i try to get the super 8 deely done for Van City, The fact that I've to send the stuff of to Amsterdam for processing is a bit of a pain in the hole, but hey, we'll see if it works out.
Met Al in Bray early on Saturday and he obliged me with radical performance art

This spot is truly deraleeect, rough as fook and plenty of knacks on their daily round to wish you well. Anyway, Al did stuff. Then he tried other stuff.
We retired to his cavern where we ate a couple of tins of beans, solid option. He also showed my this rad contraption, its a ghetto snowboard that him and his older brother made back in the Bray day my bolting two boards together..they used to rip this thing down the Wicklow Mountains!

It also featured the 'ol low cut no-toe vans, can't front on the classics.
He went off to skate Gaystones, but seeing as my neck is still dodge I opted out. Went and met my Bray scum friend Colly, and his cross eyed retard mutant slice-of-ham-for-a-face pet.
and his dog Bruce, sombre..
Met manys the head today in town, tried to film some stuff I had planned, some worked out(development pending), some didn't and other stuff was improvised, but all in all it was a productive day.
Pad Clear, tearing up Ports.
Then he destroyed new-spot, rippin!

Robots in disguise

And so on the 2nd of the 2nd in the year of "our lord" my abode was to be invaded my space monsters, just real crap ones though, so i wasn't too bothered.

Here's a very special one, half mutant half zombie, the hat is so his overlord can't read his brain signals.
Here's another rare breed, he's been residing on one of Jupiter's moons for the past few decades, but apparently his actual origin is the land before time, it'd want to be with that hair. Caveman appetite, nyum nyum.
These weren't even space mutnats, just regular Bray people.
The Braytrix spits out another..
and another..hideous fiendish creature!
Ghostgace Gibbo and brother do'rag.
Balibot, baby alien robot, oh and the thing on the right was probably bought in Occasion's on Main St. Bray.
Luke was abducted up someone's black hole.
Then this fuck arrived, nothin but trouble from the time he squeezed through the door.
Out causin' a racket, I've an appearance to keep up around these parts.
You tell em brah'
Ah here..

Gibbo got a hold of the bloggie and took some very bizzare pictures, but what else would you expect? These are the censored ones.

"I've had enough"
The last thing I remember was a crap Zombie film and a good night.