Robots in disguise

And so on the 2nd of the 2nd in the year of "our lord" my abode was to be invaded my space monsters, just real crap ones though, so i wasn't too bothered.

Here's a very special one, half mutant half zombie, the hat is so his overlord can't read his brain signals.
Here's another rare breed, he's been residing on one of Jupiter's moons for the past few decades, but apparently his actual origin is the land before time, it'd want to be with that hair. Caveman appetite, nyum nyum.
These weren't even space mutnats, just regular Bray people.
The Braytrix spits out another..
and another..hideous fiendish creature!
Ghostgace Gibbo and brother do'rag.
Balibot, baby alien robot, oh and the thing on the right was probably bought in Occasion's on Main St. Bray.
Luke was abducted up someone's black hole.
Then this fuck arrived, nothin but trouble from the time he squeezed through the door.
Out causin' a racket, I've an appearance to keep up around these parts.
You tell em brah'
Ah here..

Gibbo got a hold of the bloggie and took some very bizzare pictures, but what else would you expect? These are the censored ones.

"I've had enough"
The last thing I remember was a crap Zombie film and a good night.

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