Silver shadow

After many many printing headaches I've managed to get the zine in production, so i'll be trying to gerim' around the cuntry in the next few weeks.
I dropped a few in to Rick Gaylickin on Friday night, but he couldn't just take them, he had me meet him at some sort of Lego convention. Friend (aka Nob) was there, refusing to have his soul captured.
It was cold outside
Rich was real bummed

Someone left a picture of a knacker on the wall
I bailed home to discover that one of my girlfriend's gerbils was missing, it transpired that she (Silver Shadow) had used various elements of her utility belt including a grappling hook and laser cutter to get out of the cage, but no matter the level of her sophistication she still can't resist a birra' cheddar, cardboard and a peanut, so I'd to leave this combo in every room of the house overnight to establish her whereabouts.

Unfortunately I heard scraping coming from behind the kitchen wall..ugh, thought she was trapped and panicking so I pulled out the cooker and hoovered out the exit.
Turns out she was grand and only taking the piss out of me. My 26th birthday and I'm outsmarted by a wan year old, downhill fast.
After about 5 hours I managed to get her back in the cage, but at that stage she'd won the mental battle, but the war rages on!

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