Dr Rosen Rosen

Eggstra Eggstra, read all abour ih'...glay Gerguldeh*
"Wathing Luke's hands D.J. is exzarctly like watching two twibes go to phwoaaar!" Eamon Eamonson, North Wicklow Times.

"Luke is not an enigma, he's a prick" Eamon Dunphy, dipso.

"I would, just for fun" Anna Conda- Bray's Richard Blackwood impersonator.

(*Late Herald)

D.J. Breeosh

Luke Broughan, quite a guy, D.J., Arteeeest, impersonator and to quote Gibbo "sociopath", whatever way you cut it he's gorra birra talent while still maintaining the Bray cynasism. He's been cool with the oul posters and what not, wish i could draw that clean! Here's the wan he did for the premiere at very short notice

..and here's the wan he did for True Guys which I seen hanging up in G1 (think its still there?) when I returned from Oz a few years back.

Here's a few scans that I had on the 'puter of some rad drawings Luke did during the video and the last zine, his stuff is pretty clean, neat, consistent and witty, like the man himself. The sketch above was a thing he did for SDion's interview in the last zine. Dion? Doin fine? Dion fine?
I got a loan of Wayne's disc printer when making up the copies of the vid, and I used all of the following and more on different discs so most ended up with a combi of artwork from himself and myself with very few turning out the same.

He's got more abstract computer game/astronomy inspired stuff right here:

Looking pretty delish', g'wan Bray!

In other "news" local boy Gav Coughlan just got on Zero flow direct from the 'ol US of Hay. Guess that means he's kinda a big deal: http://forums.sidewalkmag.com/showthread.php?t=12225

Bout time eh?: http://videos.skateperception.com/viewvideo/3684/

The rad fellas that do that rad site that provides nice skentertainment 48blocks.com put up a link for my trailer at short notice on the news page, nice wan!
Tis' also on the pod-cat on this super 8 site: onsuper8.org

Super Duper, neeto gang!


Yes! Northen man renowned for his heads long distance away from the earth Big Stu sent me some deeeeeelish photees for the blog, man, his photos are so so rad, get me stoked every time..above here we have Bernie Rae steezin upon a frontside fliz, on top o' that are the lads(?) then at the hat of the blog is Marc Beagan.
Nothing much more to say other than good on ye Stu! Beautiful photos and lets hope they keep coming.
here's some more of his fandiddly pics: http://www.bogginzine.com/page3.htm

..man, that rooftop Belfast ollie...radness!
Stoked! Sound man Paul Gonella has gone done did an article on the vid in the virtual mega-zine tweakerzine.
Here it be, 12 pages of all things No Use-less:

What is an MC if he's on crack? What is a beat without a drum machine clap? The immortal words of Charizma..i'll learn from them and not have a blog without pictures..

here's a few delicious egg-samples of stolen souls from the technical set up of Irish photographer Micheal Feehan. He's been taking photos hither and tither for years but has gotten far more "serious" in recent times, and his stuff is looking quite slick nowadays. As the man himself would say "Word to' Momsa".

Here's wan of Snowy "Mark" Brew doing a spiderman impression, except switch, so is that like the bad spiderman? Biderman? Switch Wallie. Swally? A beer. yes.Yum yum.
Paddle/Pad/Rag/Raggy...Paddy Clear, fs Holly Vallance (balance) nose grizzly bear on a stiff fat wan. Steez-o-tronic!
Nice guy Finn Merris schnaps a nice ollie in a bold boy wife-beater top with an art hat on, yeah Finn, nice armpit!

Click the link for more Feehan niceness. Yeah Feehan! : http://www.bogginzine.com/page5.htm

Oh yeah, Art Collabeerator/Narrator/Wrider/Nissan driver/fs fliiper/DJ Luke Broughan is playing the harbour bar in Bray on Sunday from 9 to 11, so go along and heckle him!
Born to Kill


See that? What number is it? eight yeah, thought so mysel..huh? Five? Fuck off?! Its clearly an eight. I had this dream the other night that I was trying to fill out a form and write in my phone number, and I was trying to write 087 , but it kept coming out 057, so I'd try again, and no matter how hard I'd try, I'd always fuck up and write 5 instead of 8. Then the next evening, when I had long forgotten about said dream (i've at least 2 mental dreams every night), I was filling out a form, and I worte 5 instead of 8!! Woah dude! Is my head haunted? Or my pen gifted? Other weird stuff happened too, like the car alarm turning itself on and off, or my fresh DART ticket being the only one rejected at the DART station. I should really ring Joe Duffy about this.
Speaking of weird occurrences; Gibbo!
Sorry, I meant speaking of weird/rad things, Gibbo did some covers! Man, I find this shit more pleasing on the eye and amusing than the bulk of pretentious muck I see in galleries and the like.
His token Alien, some fella from his school days asked him if he was still into art. Gibbo was like, whut? Then guy reminded him of the Alien heads he used to draw on his school books, and that's all he'd draw, and that hasn't really changed much. This is the fanciest one I've ever seen, its got perspective, background, foreground, narrative and a deadly spaceship! Good job!
What lucky devil will get this beauty? I don't want to give it away coz I know it'll be worth sqabillions in years to come. If your eyesight is poor it says "Sleep with me" in every frame. Is this biographical Gibbo?
How rad is this wan? Look at the four-year old steez on that house! The postbox?! The ghost! Gibbo, do some more please!


Here's how that wax seal comes to be,
First you gotta very carefully heat the wax, it ignites real easy, so its always a pretty delicate process, I suck at it, so Cris does it.
there's a point when it turns into a blob, and before it gets a chance to burn your hands and destroy your clothes, you gotta get mr blobby onto the fold
like a perfect turd from a golden pigeon
Stomp that shit, hold it tight and wait until its solid..just like real life.
Best off using a carved stamp picked up in Cambodia by Cris, thanks Cris.
..and there you have it.
New batch of sliced pans sealed and ready

Batch loaf

The icy winds, my dicky neck (and even poxy snow!) have meant that I've been able to get a fresh Batch of covers done, I'm glad to say they've sold already, so when i finish posting this blog, the kettle is goin on and i'll hopefully get another few painted and sealed. Lucky telly is so shit that this is far more fun.

If you're down around Gorey way in there bowlerama park you can pick up a copy of the vid from the good folk in Wreckless (I believe they're moving to new premises, g'luck wit dat!), or if you're lazy you can swipe wan here: http://shop.wreckless.ie/

sound out