See that? What number is it? eight yeah, thought so mysel..huh? Five? Fuck off?! Its clearly an eight. I had this dream the other night that I was trying to fill out a form and write in my phone number, and I was trying to write 087 , but it kept coming out 057, so I'd try again, and no matter how hard I'd try, I'd always fuck up and write 5 instead of 8. Then the next evening, when I had long forgotten about said dream (i've at least 2 mental dreams every night), I was filling out a form, and I worte 5 instead of 8!! Woah dude! Is my head haunted? Or my pen gifted? Other weird stuff happened too, like the car alarm turning itself on and off, or my fresh DART ticket being the only one rejected at the DART station. I should really ring Joe Duffy about this.
Speaking of weird occurrences; Gibbo!
Sorry, I meant speaking of weird/rad things, Gibbo did some covers! Man, I find this shit more pleasing on the eye and amusing than the bulk of pretentious muck I see in galleries and the like.
His token Alien, some fella from his school days asked him if he was still into art. Gibbo was like, whut? Then guy reminded him of the Alien heads he used to draw on his school books, and that's all he'd draw, and that hasn't really changed much. This is the fanciest one I've ever seen, its got perspective, background, foreground, narrative and a deadly spaceship! Good job!
What lucky devil will get this beauty? I don't want to give it away coz I know it'll be worth sqabillions in years to come. If your eyesight is poor it says "Sleep with me" in every frame. Is this biographical Gibbo?
How rad is this wan? Look at the four-year old steez on that house! The postbox?! The ghost! Gibbo, do some more please!

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