Scoopy scoopy

I'll be uploading a "making of Gibbo" bunch of photos in a couple of weeks when I'm less busy.
Will be breaking down all the props, shots, stories, cats and dogs involved, but for now, here's some Nate Jones from one of my fave-'rit parts ever:

Cover up

Getting pretty excited about heading off to L.A. now, and as per usual I've left a tonne of shit til the last minure- like making all these covers for the film- cheers to Luke for the help!
All the covers are completely unique and each has its own tender loving red wax seal.


Hot star of this very blog, renowned word smith and all around swell fella Andrew "Gibbo" Gibbons was the subject of my lens, paints and pens for the past couple of months. Thanks for being such a bad sport Gibbo, also massive props go to Ben who made the massive props for the film, and a lot of the tiny ones too. Finally thanks to Luke for letting me use this beat fresh of the mpc.. had mad fun making this, a few roflcopters as the fella says.

"Gibbo" trailer from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

The film will be premiering at the "Human Pyramids" group art show in the Ghetto gloss Gallery, 6109 Melrose Blvd, Los Angeles CA. 7p.m. September 26th. Free entry and booze, aw ye-uh!

Square eye for the Bray guy

Was going square eyed from editing all day, went to get some fresh air when this view presented itself in front on my Bray abode so I legged it back in and grabbed a couple of cameras, the polaroid being one of them, and there you have it.

Cark bii

Had a rip roar of a weekend shredding both Gorey and Waterford concrete lump lands with my twin Gibbo, pity my knees now feel like peanut brittle after the 8 hour bus oddesy home, still worth it though.

Even managed a ramble around Cork citaay where I bumped into rad langers Nicky and Cal, good to see some Cork street rippage go down.

Also visited the end of the earth, aka Mizen head, Ireland's southern most tip. As you can see the world clearly ceases to exist beyond this point (apart from the odd Tupac apparition).


Video grabbed badness..Went filming this evening with Bray best eater Al Collins at a crusty run up handrail in the dark depths of Wicklow. Jayzis, the slams he was taking, one of them would have had me waving the white flag. Must be hard to take the impact when you weigh he same as a pro wrestler.. next time we'll bring some break dance lino. Who's bad?