The cat is ourreh the bag

Remember that episode of the Simpson's where Bart discovers he's had a twin living in the attic? Well maybe that episode explains Bart's popularity, as twins are inherintly more popular people, they're the result of a happy genetic accident and wether we like it or ot, we prefer twins, they're just cool.

I've always wondered where the fascination with Gibbo came from, for years I resigned it to his sickening dark witt, blunt honesty and sharp snobish dress sense. Now I've discovered that all those things are irrelivant, Gibbo is fascinating because he is a twin, we just didn't know it. Well good ol' cap'n crunch, unlike the animated yellow rude boy Bart, has known all along about his twin, but he's kept his dark secret to himself until now.

His twin didn't tell me his name, he doesn't really speak, he just gets stuck into his cut price cans of Lidl beer. They share a room out in Delgany where they bro down, talk about girls and get locked, true twin bonding.
Look at this pic above- Gibbo was out of the room, but his bro drew on that ol' twin power and knew exarctly what Gibbo was thinking. "I'd love another dozen pairs of vans"
Gibbo came back into the room, his big bro (he was born 5 seconds before Gibbo) whispered what he thought Gibbo was thinking, and sure enough, he was right. His bro doesn't even wear shoes and he knew this! Amzinck!
On a side note, Gibbo found this photo inside an album sleeve in the old Bray tape exchange place that used to be down by the old DART station. You just don't get that type of random quality from high street record shops or downloads (unless they somehow embed a link to the pair on the right in your latest tune) I wonder if these girls are from Bray? Gibbo's bro doesn't care, he was too busy drawing attention to the cool can of coke in the foreground, he knew its his sibling's favourite drink.
Twins man, fuggin telekinetic radness!

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