I don't know why the photos start uploading on the right there, maybe Morgan's catmate flatmate has something to do with it. I don't trust them cats.
None the less, we found ourselves inside Queen Victoria's claimed land's capital, Melbourne. Here's Cris rolling into the state border like she don't give a fug.

I was really looking forward to Melbs, it had easily been the highlight of my year long sojourn in Oz a few years back, plus I always like going to the cities where you can catch up with mates and indulge in local shenanigans.
Apart from maties, ye olde parklands of radness are always waiting there to temp my sweat ingulfed size 11s. I'd never hit the park below before, and its city view and melow vibe gave it a nice street spot feel. Still didn't help me in games of skate, Max and Jordan showed me who was boss. (not me)

Smorgasboard Campbell, just recovering from knee surgery and shreding the mad like a rad man. We're not pointing at our swolen intelects, we're pointing at our sweat levels, I'm at about an 8 after 2 minutes of mid-day sun shred doggin. Morgan has a magic shirt that indicates where he's at.

Morg's hits up the new most excellent mini ramp adition to the Coburg park, fwack this park was rad, but now its radder, bastardos! He's not sweating in this one so his shirt remains numberless until the first trickle.

Prior! That's the guy. A birrevah local leg-end, here he is chilling pre medical test cash bonanza. Was good to get a rip in wirrim.

Good ol' Max can shralp a five-zero without the aid of his head neck and shoulders, impressive!

I was never a water baby, so it comes as no surprise that I tend to flail like a drowned rat in any water holding device, such as a skateboarder pool dog hangout. Fitzy bowls are fun, even for my crippled ass.

Chocy pizza is also fun, especially when preceded by Haloumi cheese pizzas, all cheap cheap and good to eats.


Smorgas and his radicool view of Melbourne atop his sitcom like apartment.

St Kilda beach was a surprise, last time I was there it was packed to the hilt with lobster burned fuggers like myself for some shite festival. This time was far better, as some rad spots were found and jelly fish got told what was what.

Stopped by citypark on the way back from the saints beach, its changed a litlle with some nice tranny additions, but is still tre' rad.

Ain't no rip like a Bug driven rip!

We found ourselves in Max's bug a few times, and each time we either ended up at a rad spot, park or eatery, good shit ma' man!

Dude was like, rippin' hard bra', here he be, mid 5-0 fakie, g.

I stayed on Max's couch last time round for ages and ages and I repayed him by training his bug in the art of human chomping. This technique was based on the venus flytrap principal, easy pickings.

Prarahn park- old bowl truned street like- we caught up with Max & co at this park the day after a multi spot shred, and frustratingly so my pale legs couldn't keep up with the pace, so we opted to catch a flick while they hit 5 parks. Yeah 5! Jayzist! We saw Rachel getting married with Anne Hathaway, 2 hours I'll never get back, Christ is sucked. Jayzist Christ.

My Ned Flanders daytime brews of deliciousness adventure continued in Melbs with some good ol' sasparrilly, fan-diddly.

Prior rockin' a hardcore 40 of ginger beer, no-one does that shit like those hicks in Bundy.

My da used to have the knickname Fad, nothing to do with a sweeping trend of chalky sweets, just some other reason my childish mind couldn't grasp.

In the spirit of lame quips, this city is quite the cultural "hot pot". Good selection of food and tom foolery on at all times. Chorizos e dark choco, good sheeed.

Let's end this marvelous citys blog with some motion pictures from Max's bloggy set to the latest skip rope rhyme:

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