Weekend at Prrrrrrr-Mags (Malmo)

I've been to Malmo a good few times now, and each time its rad, never old, all gold. I got there a day early than me mate Perrrr had been expecting due to Love rolling his ankle in Stockholm, so I found myself wondering around Malmo with rain on me head, no filming done and no plan as I hadn't banked on rain.
It was in a newsagent while flicking through their skate mags that I was approached by a stout fella in skate-dude clothes who asked me, in an ozzy accent, if i spoke English. To which I responded "Do you knwo Jezza" He was living with him, small world.. ahhh skateboarding.
The guy in question is Blake, a.k.a. Ducky. Per had told me about him in advance.: "he's the best fat skateboarder you'll ever see" He wasn't lying, ducky ripped!
Saturday was mainly a wash-out, so we washed it down with manys the local tipple.
Jezza queuing for a denim jacket that didn't exist just for a crack of the whip. "Haaand t' glaaand combat mate!"

Can Ducks snore? They fuckin can! I was awoken my ducky's snorts after four hours kip on Jezza & Tomsy's floor. Time was tickin, very little filming had been done, so I removed myself from the floor with a spatula and hit the main park with Tomsy.
Fortunately the sun was out, Per Mag was up, and he ripped, with his bro John making a cameo too. That bowl is fuckin scary man let tell yeh, the two lads made mince meat of it in the nonchalant Swedish man-ripper way.
We took a break to watch the Swedish women's footballers play Argentina in d'lympics. Proud people.
We had to hit the off license at mid day. they're like boutiques, full of warm beer, and only open at anti-social hours. Gettin a brew is a mission here unless you want half strength "Lolly water"-Jez
We hit the streets much to my appreciation, man the spots were so so fun!
This is the Doc. Former brain surgeon, now a G.P. & a full time zip-zinger! This dude is 450 and has the energy of a 5 year old. If you ever encounter him ask him how he got the name 5 doc. Here he is mid-way through a song he wrote about local teen ripper Leon. Hopefully i can get a copy as my words would not do it justice.

This is Malmo's newest park that Tomsy Jezza & the locals built, and man, I gots to tell ya its wan of the mellowest and most fun parks I've ever had the pleasure of rolling in. No metal coping, nothing high, tonnes of hump and these grrrrrindy red cerbs everywhere, excellent stuff lads. The two boys will hopefully be building a park back here soon, anything like this would be very welcome in my opinion, you can't get bored here!

Doctor Mac.
We got a lift off some English dudes in the back of their van.
Then it was home time. Cheers to Per, Jez & Tomsy for letting me stay at the Couch Inn. Until next time..


It was a coin toss(er) kind of weekend as the omnipresent poxy clouds hampered pre-arranged plans. The Irish Skater of the Year comp was on down in Limerick's new plaza, and the Bray crew were pretty amped to check it out as Jer had already told us about its various "interesting bits n bobs", sounded promising.

As I don't bounce in my own whip, I consulted with the good ship Collins about the the journey ahead, and it was decided, upon Met Eireann's advise that we'd stay up and get a rip on the East Siiieed. Turns out we were wrong. The rain came and went in Limerick, and came and stayed here..and according to my informant Minti Brown the whole thing was "rad soitwas". Balls. Gutted. Gutted balls? Didn't even get a roll up here, serves me roysh.

But when jah throws you lemons, make some pancakes, and I did. I had the house to myself and I havn't properly painted in quite a while due to my lingering whiplash that makes it tough to stay in wan position for too long, but its mellowed down a bit and I was happy to give it a stab again. Its the depths of winter anyway, what would I be doing outside?

I'd lots of stuff I needed to get done with the vid, so I kinda drifted between painting and editing the Belfast section, which worked out quite well as I made big inroads on what I needed to do and I'm real happy with how its starting to look. So here I am, right where I was for the whole weekend, with the 2-dimensional Lynn brothers to keep me company, but Dennis even slagged me in his painted form... shut diiine!


Wayne popped up yesterday to drop off the new run of boarderco boards that yours truly painted a while back, stoked!

Mini Brown, 8.15/8.25
Snowy "Mark" Brew 8.0
Wayne Gallagher 8.0
Dave Hurley 7.75/8.0

Stock home roll

After the mellow vibes of Helsinki I'd to venture on to hook up with Love Eneroth (below) in Stockholm. The Swedish and vag capital had more hustle and bustle about it than the Fin's capital, but it was a good vibe none the less. I arrived to rain so Love got straight into it and ripped the anus out of one of the toughest bank/volcano spots I've ever skated, tonnes of brick clackityness, steep tranny and tight lipped. Love performed various radical maneuvers with ease while I burned up a birra film. No pics, I was filmin man, c'man!
It was arranged that I stay with two fellas be' the name of Joel & Simon, so I joined them and a few others (including a Swedish rapper nob-end) for a tipple or ten. The rapper fella kept goin on about how cool it was that we were all on "This low-level shit man, y'knowhadimsayin irish duuude?" Furr off.
The unfortunate heap below was apres the aforementioned nights sippys.. something I'm normally good at shaking off with relative ease, but the inclusion of Swedish chewing tobacco into my previous night's diet had left me in a poor state. This callipo was the only thing keeping me hanging in there. Ice pops, not technically food so you can't get sick from them.
A can of red bull and a petrol station sandwich later and I was right as rain. Here's wan of the spots we skated, it had an unusually high population of old/crippled people, guess they like to rip manny in their wheelstools!
That on the left in Jonas, like most people up them parts he ripped, and that's Love mid stretch on the right. I couldn't help thinking like a Moore street apple selling aul wan every time I referred to him. "yeah Love. Howayeh Love. G'wan Love" Then i discovered its pronounced "Loou-veh", my bad.
This was Bemo's ride, or whip, or car.
traffic, just like home.
After getting the boot from an amazing spot before we even rolled we went to this mellow place, mellow until Love his ankle warming up. Fwack!

Howeyeh Love?
Bummer, the day was going so well too, Love informs me he's keeping it well iced so hopefully i pre-deadline return is gonna happen. This is Joel, I was staying at his gaff..
Before we went home we'd to stop off at the Swedish skate dist place. While waiting for Joel to get his free stuff on I flicked through concrete wave..strange mag- check the quote from some Venesualin burd. Quiver me hole.
See Chevy Chase is into a birra downhillin. Fletch lives! (in spandex)
Small hooves.
Meet Veronica, its Simon and Joel's promiscuis housemate. She showed me her tupence for a birra popcorn..
Simon has wan of those horrible blog things where you can read all about nothing beacuse you don't speak Schmergen language. Pet shop boys? I'm sorry I gave her that popcorn.
Stockhom was rad, Love was so cool and so so good. Simon used to ride for a Dutch clothing company where the boss beat people up and Joel gave me some delicious pants for a
dvd, cann'ey wait to go back hey.

Hell on Earth

Finland! Boom! I'd never been, and my trip there was arranged very last minute, due to correspondence from Janne Saario who had been hiding out in the woods with his Missus, kid and dog for a while. Really! Ciaran never stops yappin about Helsinki and the level of radness there, and I can now say I share his sentiments. The advantage of a local hook up makes a trip so much easier, no translating, no misreading signs, just local spots, folk and food, good times!
Helsinki has a tonne of rad spots, local guidance is pretty mandatory, but considering they're a very friendly bunch it shouldn't be too hard to arrange. Janne was fully down for filming, he picked me up from the airport and we got straight into it- this pics from the morning of the second day where he got very tech in the wetness.
This was the first spot we hit, mad slippy/sticky block where Janne proceeded to perform tricks I've never witnessed with my weary peepers.
This was such a fun little park, most obstacles there had a touch of the quirky about them, lots of little wallies, curved benches, and I even got my first taste of ripping a picnic bench without the aid of cheese sandwiches, cadet orange and a flask full of luke warm tea.
That there on the right is a fella called "Matti", an original ripper who also makes a zine complete with a mix tape- how rad is that!
"Karjalan Piirakka" Its a savory pastry thing that I found in me gob on more than wan occasion, beats a half melted double decker any day!

t'was handy not having to work out local tram systems, or language, everyone's English was par-fect and far better than manys the Bray local.
Mean grill yo', this is probably the angriest you'll see a Fin, mellowest people I've ever encountered.
Janne: frontside child balance. His kid Tuure is so rad! He cries when da takes away the board or his wellies. His hobbies include covering himself in apple juice when Ma & Da aren't looking, break dancing (especially head spins) and washing his face in the dog's bowl. Such a fun happy kid!
Janne is studying landscape architecture, this is his most notable creation- "micropolis". Its packed to the brim with madness & radness, but actually doesn't have that synthetic park feeling. You just keeping pushing around and can hit about 20 things in wan line. I almost cried when Da made us leave.
Thanks a million to Janne, Essi, Tuure and Jesper for making me feel so welcome in their home and filling me with fine Finnish food. Janne ripped so so so hard, I've never even thought of some of the tricks he did, let alone seen them, and I was stoked I got the opportunity to film them, can't wait for the results back from the lab!