It was a coin toss(er) kind of weekend as the omnipresent poxy clouds hampered pre-arranged plans. The Irish Skater of the Year comp was on down in Limerick's new plaza, and the Bray crew were pretty amped to check it out as Jer had already told us about its various "interesting bits n bobs", sounded promising.

As I don't bounce in my own whip, I consulted with the good ship Collins about the the journey ahead, and it was decided, upon Met Eireann's advise that we'd stay up and get a rip on the East Siiieed. Turns out we were wrong. The rain came and went in Limerick, and came and stayed here..and according to my informant Minti Brown the whole thing was "rad soitwas". Balls. Gutted. Gutted balls? Didn't even get a roll up here, serves me roysh.

But when jah throws you lemons, make some pancakes, and I did. I had the house to myself and I havn't properly painted in quite a while due to my lingering whiplash that makes it tough to stay in wan position for too long, but its mellowed down a bit and I was happy to give it a stab again. Its the depths of winter anyway, what would I be doing outside?

I'd lots of stuff I needed to get done with the vid, so I kinda drifted between painting and editing the Belfast section, which worked out quite well as I made big inroads on what I needed to do and I'm real happy with how its starting to look. So here I am, right where I was for the whole weekend, with the 2-dimensional Lynn brothers to keep me company, but Dennis even slagged me in his painted form... shut diiine!

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