Janne Saario in Helsinki

This guy is the guy- Janne Saario's section from The Scrum Tilly Lush. Stand up gent of a man who persevered over 3 rainy days in Finland's capital to bring you the manual madness below. A lot of the spots are way harsher than they look, way harsh bro. Yeah Janne!

SOMA 10 x 10

In anticipation for a group show I'm involved in this January in the SOMA gallery in Waterford I have been taking advantage of the wet wet weather and indulging my paint nerdyness.

Here's a sample of some of the work i'll be displaying-and with the wet weather set to continue I should be growing this collection a sizable amount before the show opens.

All canvas is 10cm x 10 cm... many more to come.

Any queries about the work/exhibit contact: aul.pups@gmail.com

Ruby Ayoub R.I.P.

A few days shy of her 6th birthday my girlfriend's little sister Ruby became quite ill- initially she was diagnosed with swine flu and sent home- again, she visited another doctor, and was once again diagnosed with swine flu, and although she was displaying similar symptoms she in fact had meningitis. As some of you may know time is precious in diagnosing meningitis, and that precious time was wasted with misdiagnosis as Ruby lapsed into a coma and passed away.

All that I can say on this unbelievable tragedy is that people should know the symptoms of meningitis- especially those who have or are around kids, because as we seen with little Ruby, doctors can get it very wrong and time is so so critical. If you scroll to the bottom of this page it takes about 30 seconds to read the symptoms of meningitis and septicemia - please read it.
You can also donate towards meningitis research on the same site.

Lapse in pyramid

Human Pyramids group show timelapse at Ghettogloss from Human Pyramids Artist Collective on Vimeo.

Hovin Wang- mastermind behind Human Pyramids put together a rad timelapse vid-ya of the show's set up which you can see above- proof that I occasionally get off me hole and do some work!

Bishop Brennan

How quickly things can get ourreh hand- what started as an originally themed night of drawing on pub tables (organised by Dublin graph shop All City) ended up in a clerical showcase.
Basically the theme of the night was to go to the pub and draw on the tables- Luke dutifully obliged with cheap marker mash up- yeah!
Here's my effort- sticking to subject matter I know and love- Bray.
Things weren't really up to much and the jubilant mood of my fellow Bray bollix's was dpping- so one google search on the phone and we were then turning our efforts and the posters for the festival into an array of retarded hats.
Serious stuff.
Full costumes weren't long coming.
Bishop Gibbons, of the parish Delgany, here to spread the good word of badly drawn aliens who peak over your shoulder and then catch fire because you left them on the candle.
Our marvellous hat related hi-jinx were proclaimed as heroics and we were subsiquently raised upon the shoulders of the publicans and declared true kings among bishops. "hail the lads from Bray" the crowd proclaimed- and who's blame them, we're deadly. No Bishop Brennan tho.


I have this large canvas I always use to lean on if I'm doing smaller paintings and its been getting scribbled on so much it loks like this now.

Howaya Love

I like communicating with Love Eneroth- not due to a particular receptive nature of the Swede, or due to the fact that he looks remarkably like Ed Norton, no, it because I get to use the same colloquialisms as inner city Dublin street traders a.k.a. aul wan's hawking fruit on Moore Street. "Howaya Love, d'y'want any greeepes? Lovedly bananas derrr Love, beuariful Love.." and so it goes.
The guys at WESC have revamped thier website and accordingly have axed me to upload his Stockhom section from the Scrum Tilly Lush, so here ye go Love.

Love Eneroth in Stockholm- The Scrum Tilly Lush from Philip Evans on Vimeo.