Bishop Brennan

How quickly things can get ourreh hand- what started as an originally themed night of drawing on pub tables (organised by Dublin graph shop All City) ended up in a clerical showcase.
Basically the theme of the night was to go to the pub and draw on the tables- Luke dutifully obliged with cheap marker mash up- yeah!
Here's my effort- sticking to subject matter I know and love- Bray.
Things weren't really up to much and the jubilant mood of my fellow Bray bollix's was dpping- so one google search on the phone and we were then turning our efforts and the posters for the festival into an array of retarded hats.
Serious stuff.
Full costumes weren't long coming.
Bishop Gibbons, of the parish Delgany, here to spread the good word of badly drawn aliens who peak over your shoulder and then catch fire because you left them on the candle.
Our marvellous hat related hi-jinx were proclaimed as heroics and we were subsiquently raised upon the shoulders of the publicans and declared true kings among bishops. "hail the lads from Bray" the crowd proclaimed- and who's blame them, we're deadly. No Bishop Brennan tho.

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