Anytime we skate the brass pyramids at the dole office in Tallaght I always notice two Polish words on the later bank "Lechia Gdansk". I'd practice saying them in an angry Polish accent thinking it was something offensive, but it turns out its just a place is Poland. Maybe there's a dude in Poland about to rip his local ledge reciting the words "Bray County Wicklow!" as he does his best agro Irish impression. Maybe.

A rad Polish fella by the name of Mateusz has done an article on the vid in his online and print mag, www.systemskate.com, no mention of Bray, but lets not hold that against him. He goes to bother of translating the whole mag into English for out ease, cheers Mateusz!

Here's the link


Landan deuce

Where wuz I?

Oh yeah, foggy Landan town.. This is the skatepark at London bridge laden with quirky obstacles, and stranger rules, like age limits and opening times. Lots of pigeon crap and lots of fun. We only had a brief sesh here before the parking inspectors coaxed us out only for them to let us away with it and have a shot on my board! Bomblesquat!

Oh yeah, we ran into the dude with raddest name/attitude/hair in the world- Steak! Man, his enthusiasm is infectious, he just seems constantly stoked! When he got to Stockwell I could see his tail wagging as he recounted is last visit " I couln' believe it, I was so stoked when i got here last, I skated around in two circles, started seein stars and passed out!" Yeah!!
Even the mighty Collin's mop is no match to Steak's lion's mane, you'd put wrestlers and glamour models to shame with those golden strands!

Al & Nick got roped into helping these strange folk trying to hang this print as part of some exhibit. The lads were doing them a favour, but were more so treated like hired goons. "What did you let go of it for! Warn me next time you do that!" Sound.
Channon King of Blueprint days past joined us on Sunday and regailed us with his tails of woe. Nice dude who also has a penchance for things super 8y. Ciaran is straight up pro-chillin here.
The aforementioned super 8y.. this spot was tonnes of fun! Banks just rule.
Now that the first section of filming is completely completed for the new vid, I suppose you could say "its on". Thanks a thousand to Nick for the 100 % effort he put in, the goodness gracious-gracious goodness skateboarding, the bacon sambos, the transport and for bein a nice guy! Big up yo'self!

Until next time..


Man, I was gettin a nice aul kipp in on Friday night when I was rudely disturbed from my slumber by some immediately indistinguishable hairy creature. In my sleepy state I thought "fuggin American werewolf in Dublin!!", but just before I unloaded a silver bullet I realised it was just Al. his purpose for wreckin me beauty sleep? An Iron Man contest he's entering at the end of summer (really), he had ran from his gaff in Bray, then upon his arrival at my plush suburban mansion, he strapped me to his back for some extra weight. I can see his logic, I do have lead in me hole that can be felt up me spine every time I roll off a cerb.

Eventually his jogging plods nursed me back to sleep, and it must have been 3 hours or so later when I awoke to the bizarre feeling of cold lapels of water on my back. Was this a dream? helluva cold sweat! No, I was in fact in the middle of the Irish sea, as Al had decided to press on and practice the swimming leg of his iron man trail. I questioned his actions- "Man, what the fuck?" which was met with "Ah ye-uh! Phil's luvin it!" My protest fell on deaf ears, so I buckled in for the journey.

I thought he'd done a sufficient grueling swim loop when we entered what I thought was Bray's infamous Dargle river- but no, this wasn't the Bray that I knew so well. This was somewhere different, a path never trodden by this Bray head. Big Ben? What the fwack? The Thames? Ah man! We started to get into a bit of trouble as Al was head-butting into manys the vessel in this busy water way, but luckily we were dragged to safety by Mr. Jensen (on the right with the toothy grin) who took us under his wing and fed us rasher sangbos, sorry, i mean bacon sarnies, tom sauce n' all! La-de-daah!

Fug it, we're here, best make the most of it. I felt like a zombie for pretty much the whole day due to my aforementioned rude awakening, so I tapped into my back up energy supple and proceeded to have my face manipulated into the guise of "stoke" as we were shown amazing spot after amazing spot, the bulk of which were fairly under the media radar. Below we have a hasty pic of the re-done stockwell park, not completely finished, but rad none the less. My legs only let me cruise and watch at this stage, but my head was fine with that.
I got the best possible first impression of the big smoke by being driven around congestion charge areas by Nick, I would have taken a joggy-back off Al, but the back seat was too comfy to pass up. Was real cool to see the city above ground, did very little tubing, and when we did Al opted for the kiddy ticket, I wouldn't argue with him either, chancer got through every time even when confronted!

This homeless dude at this spot gave us a history on the building the ledge was outside of. Apparently it was the oldest blues club in the world up until 20 years ago, that was until it shut down. Now its the newest spot in the newest copy of Sidewalk, if you don't believe me axe dat dude.

We were treated to wan of the finest spots I've ever layed my suils on in a place called Elepahnt & Castle. Par-fect manual pad, metal-edged ledges..

and these inside out planter things, radness!

Despite the plush looking spot, we were eventually confronted by a street urchen, 'kept asking us about the cameras and boards and stuff. We like this roughian though, so we decided to keep him. We named him Ciaran, he likes making videos too (http://www.ciaranoconnor.com/) and apparently his new wan , Saviour Faire, is a cracker! He also, judging by this photo, liketh the smack..ugh
I've to go for a driving lesson now and will finish this up later. Beep.

Took the Al Collin's Bray to Belfast express last weekend for a strict day of rippin, sausage rolls and rough spats. This wan was a-crazeee! Joan was really feeling the hospital banks. I just re-read that and it says Joan instead of John-Freudian slip- there was a runnin gag all day about how Mini pronounced John "Wee Joan just wants t skayte stars". There was also a runnin gag about Joan's dis-taste for Cunnylingus, he no like to dive.
This was just wan of the many ruffian roll outs that Minti took us to, fatty Collins hauled ass on it, ah yeh-uh!

This set was just straight-up rotten, so leave it to Mini Brownish Blonde to stomp a fatty down it. The grain of the path at the top runs the wrong way, not to mention you've to carve in at a horrendous angle to tackle the beast. He did it second go, something I can safely say I will never do in my life. Maith an fear!

Thanks to Mini & J.B. for the hospitality and very good skateboarding maneuvers for me to point at.


When Gibbo likes something you know its legit..
For those who have not, go get you paws on a copy of Ireland's first and only skate publication. Man, I remember getting early copies of reputable, and now well established skate mags, and they were a bit rough around the edges, and eventually developed into something better- but the Wizard has hit the ground running! Fook me its slick! The maiden voyage has proved most bounty-full!
The photos are beautiful, the lay-out pleasing, the articles are very well written, and the whole thing just ooozes style without that pretentious up-yourself artyness that can be found in other publications. Great jab all round! Can't wait for issue 2!

Andrew Gibbons: Treble wan

Gibbo, Gibbons, The funky Gibbons. Now there's a character that we've never touched on in this blog. In the continued pursuit of obsessiveness and titters, here's a super candid and frank interview with an Irish skateboarder with 21 years under his belt. Go Gibbo!

Interviewer Luke J.C. Broughan is also available for police line ups, bar-mitzvahs and stripper-in-a-cake gigs.
Been on a blog-lite diet due to lack of internet, but have been fuggin busy also. As you can see I had an operation and am now Asain, isn't modern technology great all the same?I've been working with this dude eyeless Brian, on a documentary that will include..
..this dude who I'd to give a 30 minute interview to. No doubt it will be trawled for sound bites when I have the time. More on this as it happens.

Paddy Clear, if you're reading those plants are still alive, thanks for the thoughtful gift.
Zing! I got this delicious new cam for a snippet recently, its double 8mm as apposed to Super 8mm which I have been using- the three lenses are rad rad and rad, sorry, standard, wide & telphoot, its got 3 filters, a light meter, many frame rates & A.S.A. options..fully manual freedom, fully stoked!I spent the day with Commando enthusiast Andrew goodie Gibbons yesterday. The warrior king serves his revenge cold.
The foregrounding of Gibbo's melon makes Turlough look like a one of those dinosaur coupa trooper things from the Mario brothers film (http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=wtMZKYnLg5c)
He's so upset he goin to New York for the summer (which incidentally is the home of the coupa troopers)

Keeping it Gibbo, he made this wondefull work of art out of his expernsive Marks & Spencers crisps, man he like to live the good life!
If he was single, this would be his single's column pic. "Male, 27, well read, enjoys skateboarding, expensive socks, rare music, nose picking and heavy drinking.Call if interested in a whinge."
Told you he enjoys it.
Due to one single bitchy aul nighbour (and no one else in the whole estate) I got a visit off Johny Law and have to deconstruct the mini ramp. Ugh. I'm using the left overs to make more stuff tho', so all is not at a loss.