Zing! I got this delicious new cam for a snippet recently, its double 8mm as apposed to Super 8mm which I have been using- the three lenses are rad rad and rad, sorry, standard, wide & telphoot, its got 3 filters, a light meter, many frame rates & A.S.A. options..fully manual freedom, fully stoked!I spent the day with Commando enthusiast Andrew goodie Gibbons yesterday. The warrior king serves his revenge cold.
The foregrounding of Gibbo's melon makes Turlough look like a one of those dinosaur coupa trooper things from the Mario brothers film (http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=wtMZKYnLg5c)
He's so upset he goin to New York for the summer (which incidentally is the home of the coupa troopers)

Keeping it Gibbo, he made this wondefull work of art out of his expernsive Marks & Spencers crisps, man he like to live the good life!
If he was single, this would be his single's column pic. "Male, 27, well read, enjoys skateboarding, expensive socks, rare music, nose picking and heavy drinking.Call if interested in a whinge."
Told you he enjoys it.
Due to one single bitchy aul nighbour (and no one else in the whole estate) I got a visit off Johny Law and have to deconstruct the mini ramp. Ugh. I'm using the left overs to make more stuff tho', so all is not at a loss.

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