Took the Al Collin's Bray to Belfast express last weekend for a strict day of rippin, sausage rolls and rough spats. This wan was a-crazeee! Joan was really feeling the hospital banks. I just re-read that and it says Joan instead of John-Freudian slip- there was a runnin gag all day about how Mini pronounced John "Wee Joan just wants t skayte stars". There was also a runnin gag about Joan's dis-taste for Cunnylingus, he no like to dive.
This was just wan of the many ruffian roll outs that Minti took us to, fatty Collins hauled ass on it, ah yeh-uh!

This set was just straight-up rotten, so leave it to Mini Brownish Blonde to stomp a fatty down it. The grain of the path at the top runs the wrong way, not to mention you've to carve in at a horrendous angle to tackle the beast. He did it second go, something I can safely say I will never do in my life. Maith an fear!

Thanks to Mini & J.B. for the hospitality and very good skateboarding maneuvers for me to point at.

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