Landan deuce

Where wuz I?

Oh yeah, foggy Landan town.. This is the skatepark at London bridge laden with quirky obstacles, and stranger rules, like age limits and opening times. Lots of pigeon crap and lots of fun. We only had a brief sesh here before the parking inspectors coaxed us out only for them to let us away with it and have a shot on my board! Bomblesquat!

Oh yeah, we ran into the dude with raddest name/attitude/hair in the world- Steak! Man, his enthusiasm is infectious, he just seems constantly stoked! When he got to Stockwell I could see his tail wagging as he recounted is last visit " I couln' believe it, I was so stoked when i got here last, I skated around in two circles, started seein stars and passed out!" Yeah!!
Even the mighty Collin's mop is no match to Steak's lion's mane, you'd put wrestlers and glamour models to shame with those golden strands!

Al & Nick got roped into helping these strange folk trying to hang this print as part of some exhibit. The lads were doing them a favour, but were more so treated like hired goons. "What did you let go of it for! Warn me next time you do that!" Sound.
Channon King of Blueprint days past joined us on Sunday and regailed us with his tails of woe. Nice dude who also has a penchance for things super 8y. Ciaran is straight up pro-chillin here.
The aforementioned super 8y.. this spot was tonnes of fun! Banks just rule.
Now that the first section of filming is completely completed for the new vid, I suppose you could say "its on". Thanks a thousand to Nick for the 100 % effort he put in, the goodness gracious-gracious goodness skateboarding, the bacon sambos, the transport and for bein a nice guy! Big up yo'self!

Until next time..

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