Hot star of this very blog, renowned word smith and all around swell fella Andrew "Gibbo" Gibbons was the subject of my lens, paints and pens for the past couple of months. Thanks for being such a bad sport Gibbo, also massive props go to Ben who made the massive props for the film, and a lot of the tiny ones too. Finally thanks to Luke for letting me use this beat fresh of the mpc.. had mad fun making this, a few roflcopters as the fella says.

"Gibbo" trailer from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

The film will be premiering at the "Human Pyramids" group art show in the Ghetto gloss Gallery, 6109 Melrose Blvd, Los Angeles CA. 7p.m. September 26th. Free entry and booze, aw ye-uh!

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thatirishguy said...

The hipsters fucking love it man. Gibbo your a star now man!!