Stoked! Sound man Paul Gonella has gone done did an article on the vid in the virtual mega-zine tweakerzine.
Here it be, 12 pages of all things No Use-less:

What is an MC if he's on crack? What is a beat without a drum machine clap? The immortal words of Charizma..i'll learn from them and not have a blog without pictures..

here's a few delicious egg-samples of stolen souls from the technical set up of Irish photographer Micheal Feehan. He's been taking photos hither and tither for years but has gotten far more "serious" in recent times, and his stuff is looking quite slick nowadays. As the man himself would say "Word to' Momsa".

Here's wan of Snowy "Mark" Brew doing a spiderman impression, except switch, so is that like the bad spiderman? Biderman? Switch Wallie. Swally? A beer. yes.Yum yum.
Paddle/Pad/Rag/Raggy...Paddy Clear, fs Holly Vallance (balance) nose grizzly bear on a stiff fat wan. Steez-o-tronic!
Nice guy Finn Merris schnaps a nice ollie in a bold boy wife-beater top with an art hat on, yeah Finn, nice armpit!

Click the link for more Feehan niceness. Yeah Feehan! :

Oh yeah, Art Collabeerator/Narrator/Wrider/Nissan driver/fs fliiper/DJ Luke Broughan is playing the harbour bar in Bray on Sunday from 9 to 11, so go along and heckle him!
Born to Kill

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