D.J. Breeosh

Luke Broughan, quite a guy, D.J., Arteeeest, impersonator and to quote Gibbo "sociopath", whatever way you cut it he's gorra birra talent while still maintaining the Bray cynasism. He's been cool with the oul posters and what not, wish i could draw that clean! Here's the wan he did for the premiere at very short notice

..and here's the wan he did for True Guys which I seen hanging up in G1 (think its still there?) when I returned from Oz a few years back.

Here's a few scans that I had on the 'puter of some rad drawings Luke did during the video and the last zine, his stuff is pretty clean, neat, consistent and witty, like the man himself. The sketch above was a thing he did for SDion's interview in the last zine. Dion? Doin fine? Dion fine?
I got a loan of Wayne's disc printer when making up the copies of the vid, and I used all of the following and more on different discs so most ended up with a combi of artwork from himself and myself with very few turning out the same.

He's got more abstract computer game/astronomy inspired stuff right here:

Looking pretty delish', g'wan Bray!

In other "news" local boy Gav Coughlan just got on Zero flow direct from the 'ol US of Hay. Guess that means he's kinda a big deal: http://forums.sidewalkmag.com/showthread.php?t=12225

Bout time eh?: http://videos.skateperception.com/viewvideo/3684/

The rad fellas that do that rad site that provides nice skentertainment 48blocks.com put up a link for my trailer at short notice on the news page, nice wan!
Tis' also on the pod-cat on this super 8 site: onsuper8.org

Super Duper, neeto gang!

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