So, nah, don't start a blog with so, that's like when you're around someone you don't really know that well and the conversation has dried right up, the first thing you always say is "Soooo, generic comment about generalities?"
So, the ol' film whip is being cracked with ferocity as i try to get the super 8 deely done for Van City, The fact that I've to send the stuff of to Amsterdam for processing is a bit of a pain in the hole, but hey, we'll see if it works out.
Met Al in Bray early on Saturday and he obliged me with radical performance art

This spot is truly deraleeect, rough as fook and plenty of knacks on their daily round to wish you well. Anyway, Al did stuff. Then he tried other stuff.
We retired to his cavern where we ate a couple of tins of beans, solid option. He also showed my this rad contraption, its a ghetto snowboard that him and his older brother made back in the Bray day my bolting two boards together..they used to rip this thing down the Wicklow Mountains!

It also featured the 'ol low cut no-toe vans, can't front on the classics.
He went off to skate Gaystones, but seeing as my neck is still dodge I opted out. Went and met my Bray scum friend Colly, and his cross eyed retard mutant slice-of-ham-for-a-face pet.
and his dog Bruce, sombre..
Met manys the head today in town, tried to film some stuff I had planned, some worked out(development pending), some didn't and other stuff was improvised, but all in all it was a productive day.
Pad Clear, tearing up Ports.
Then he destroyed new-spot, rippin!

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