The Bagel has landed

Man, talk about cutting it fine..fwaak, every minute counted in the end, but I managed to get the whole shebang wrapped up for the premiere on sat night. To ensure that I'd get the last reel in time I picked it up by hand from the lab in rootterdam- that sounds way cooler than it was- we wuz already on hollyers in Amsterdam..The place was quite tought to find, we ended up at the thyis tram stop deep in Rotterdam's dense 'burbs. Sparta Rotterdam, now my second favourite team next to Bray Wanderers.
Dutch tingsh
Eventually the lab was located, Frank, the lab man, was real nice, he showed us every step of the the development process, he was a very particular and passionate fella with the film, which was nice to see, its in good hands. Go Frank!
I picked up a loara' film while I was there, all now in me fridge and waiting for the next call
No better way to celebrate the acquisition of something special with a quare can of Amsterdam navigator.
The reel! Man i was releaved to have it. I already knew where the majority of stuff on it was going to go, so having it just meant sprint time. That I did, the whole thing consumed me, but in a nice way, no not that way dude, dude? Duuude!
Right down to the last hours I was working on cover art and disc art, but it all got done!
No two are the same!
Cris' had the idea of the wax seal- stoked!

If you're after a copy (€10/£8 postage incl.) hit us up at, paypal/tenners accepted.

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