Down time

Mad Ted, I had put up a post about John and G's part in True Guys, basically saying that Turlough gave me all this rad footage towards the end of the vid that I was verdy stoked on, and how I loved the nicely filmed lines and how stylin' the two lads were and that they actually push a good bit in the lines and didn't look like stiff bricks, but instead oozed flow. Well that's kind of a summary of it, but when I looked for the post it was the immortal words of J.B., Bobby, I dunno. (Stock Turlough pic courtesy of Jezza)
I was planning on hitting Cork (not in the stomach) last weekend, or maybe this weekend, but the masses of moisture being blown around above the ground have put a spanner in that jobby. I'm still waiting on that 300ft reel to arrive, so that's given me time to prepare other stuff for the vid, like converting songs so they actually import into the editing programme, or sussin' out the dvd production so it'll be ready when I'm done. Some songs were chosen before the parts were filmed so I'm just waiting for the stuff to come back so I can put it into place, tis gonna be tight.
In the mean time I'm waiting, down time.

Here's the aforementioned part:

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