Ball is rolling

Reeto, here's the score, I've got a lot of time on my hands over the weekends of the coming two months, so I'll be cracking the video whip on both the digi and super 8 vids and i'll be putting out a new zine very very soon.
First past the post is young old Minti Brown (in the left of the shot) and his right hand man James Black and White.
The two fellars almost didn't darken me door as the forecast was so piss poor for Saturday, but the rolled the dice of life and came up trumps!
We were up early to squeeze the life outta the day, it looked damp on the ground but at least the sky was more promising.

First spot was a gamble, normally a bust, new delicious marble not too far from my homestead, James was rippin' when Security appeared, but we were nice to him, so he returned the favor and gave us 5 mins to wrap up filming where James did a delicious line and a butter filled sweetie of a ledge trick, performance under pressure, and he hadn't even eaten brekkie!

Minti, get in where ye fit in.

10 mins on the road, next spot was a perfect gap out to the road a'la Leeson street, James fuckin killed it! I was shocked and impressed, nollie bs heel first go! Ooooh, he's still gorrit!

He seemed to only have the patience to try something 4 or 5 times before moving onto another, but my neck had long given up due to remnants of whiplash, so Mini Brownstone stepped up to the uncovetted plate of soul catching. Here he displays a very nonchalant approach, results proved it works!

Next spot, quick gap ollie to quick gap ollie, JB on the cam, Mini on the board, security came, gave us 5 mins, jab done!

Next spot was a delicious planter gap in tallaght which was shut down
(or shat doiiine as the lads said) due
to the presence of lots of useless crap.

Tallaght pyramids, one of the raddest spots in the world..witness the wetness.

Bray heads showed up, then we were off to Carrigmines. Flat bar sesh commenced, Al and James both stood up and put it down, champs!

Next up were the Bray banks where we encountered Antartic explorer Tom Crean.

Then off to the wee rail spot,
just a doss really, why not?

Rain tryed to stop the fun at this double 6 stair spot,
but Al put down in the wetness. Witness:

Apres Skate it was time for Bray's young buck Luke Broughan's surprise 21st birfhday, happy manday Luke! He even got his mug in the Bray people for his troubles!

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