Monkey magic

Finally got the new Monkeybird vid-ya in the door after a few days wait ( and to think Ryan is a fear an phoist!), was reall looking forward to it and I was not disappointed!
Full proper vid with full proper sections from a bunch of Irish rippers! The music throughout is spot on from Devandra Banhart to Pulp, it all suits real well. Too much craziness to go though, but I think Sam Perkins or Dlynn would be my favourite sections, although the rest are damn good too, Marc Beggan has POP (and a very rad song)

Do yourself a flavour and by this video! It flows from start to end, and guess what, it gets you amped! Go Ireland, go skateboarding!! If you download/burn it you must glue a willy shaped object to your forehead and keep it there for life, nah' mean? Buy this shit, £5 ain't gonna break the spank, e-mail: for copies.
Well done Ryan, well done lads! UTMB!

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