Banned in Bray

If a band is from Bray and the members of said band endorse Beamish over Guinness and even provide said beverage at the launch of their EP, well, I believe that ticks all musical boxes to create a great band. The quartet in question are "We Want Names*" and they were launching their debut EP last night out of a skip around the back of Bray's southern cross industrial estate with afters tea and custard creams in the little flower hall. Above is skin thumper Seany Norgrove rising from the dead to distort my perspective on the world. (*pronounced in old school detective style)
Hipsters don't exist in the Braytrix, they'd just wither and die from the smell from the harbour bar jacks. Instead of hipsters we have spas, 4 prime specimems pictures below..

Just incase you missed it first time around- spa central.
High society. That's my big bro mid asphyxiation on the right- he play dem stringed geetars in the band, Col the bassist is lurking over his shoulder- the rest are a roadies moonlighting as groupies.

I had the privilage of making their first music video- will try post it up tomorrow..

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