eL brAy

Bray? L.A.? What's the difference? Roughly the same size, both are bad for your mental health, both have film studios, and with Bray's current Indian summer pushing temperatures to the mid teens it seems that any discrepancies between the two apart from location is really just nit picking.
Dudes who know how to operate a lift, Bray has those, one used to be in my school. This one dude is Hovin, a man of great vision and enthusiasm, the brainchild behind the whole exhibition/group. yeah meng!
Ghetto-gloss, again, its in abundance in county Wicklow's bustling metropolis.
Traffic, again, try Bray main st at 5pm on a Friday, 2 lanes of madness!!
99c store? Eurosaver? really, I fail to see the difference.
Gigantic donuts as featured in many TV shows and films- well, I may have seen such trippy images after a rough night down the harbour bar.
Here's my host John, he's from Bray's age old border neighbour Shankhill but he now lives in L.A. I told the Gardai (pronounced "cops") there about this and they decided to point guns at our heads (no, really!) They fobbed the pistol totting off as a violation for a broken tail light, but I know the real reason, skank-hill haterism, can't say i blame them.
This MF Grimm comic character looks awfully like that fella who wails into the mic outside the holy redeemer church of'a Saturday avo.
Frogs? Seen em gettin' locked down the Dargle river all the time.
So after gettin' an unexpected heave ho' from the gallery on thursday we all congregated on The Ghetto Gloss gallery on friday and tried to hammer some nails into some very reluctant walls.
After putting up the stuff I had a mellow sesh' at Hollywood high, threw down a few Mctwist then left..
..and ate a pizza the size of a truck wheel with a couple of truckers I met while trying to earn a few more dollars sellin' tail on the side of the 101 freeway.
High flying millionaire Roy Sunday was in town, well of course he was, its Hollywood, he owns it.
We all sunk a few suds and paid our tabs in priceless art.
Seeing as Kodak had a HQ in town I got to stock up on cheap film and shoot the shit.
Again, traffic, a given.
Bray has Brayzil F.C., LA has Brazilian Pacolli who found herself so engrossed in a giant billboard across from this pub that she almost forgot to eat, really.
Saturday- stuff was up and looking swell, neato guys!
Teddy Kelly- The first Irish Mexican I've ever met who brought this rad sculpture to the table. Ah Jayzis, it was only bueno! Good shit!
Roy can sure draw
Gibbo, chillin in LA as he does in Bray. He was disappointed that I didn't drink a 40 while I was there, in hindsight, so am I.
Mr. Sundays collection of radness, good work Soy!
Nick wasn't there, but his art was- his work is really elaborate but very tiny, must have taken ages!
Ben Brough brought baby beer and (b)art. B'yeah!
Hollywood magnetism in full effect. Tiffany and Noel tryna' get a piece of Parisian pie.
The masses.
Gibbo, poised to throw a headbutt if anyone gets too close.
Pacolli, sourcin' out a birreh langer.
A few lads, havin a few brews watching a few images. The cat on the left Micheal Hsiung recently joined our group, purely on moustache merit, which is the highest merit any man can obtain.
Senor Kelly reppin' one his own creations in a token pose worthy of a social networking profile image.
Me and John celebrating not being killed by the cops, always a bonus.
This dude/brah came out of the pub and clouted his wife a friendly slap on the rear, I think she went airborne after it, but throughout she maintained a look of "here we go again" nonchalance that suggested this dude acts the pup all to often- a theory which was proved when re ran into again the next night. "Duuuuuuude, brah? yeaaah!"
View from Bray head, the N11 looks tiny from there.
BB King is apparently going through a horticultal phase.
Best lift I've been in.
I've heard about this crud in manys the rap song but its never darkened me gob. Let me tell you, if you like the idea of diabetes this is the start your day needs.
Iconic stamp.
Report weapons on campus- damn, felt right at home.
Footpaths is a bit of a misnomer, wait, they're called sidewalks, again a misnomer, road-side-bits would be more apt as the "walk" thing is not really done here.
That's more like it.
People do occasionally roll their planks here- like in the Volcom warehouse that I had the sweaty privilege of hitting up with the lads. Cheers Hovin!
Body fluid Tie Die, so hot in Spring '2011, you'll see.
Spent the last night eating some over priced fish chunks and watching a band of meatheads hump their guitars. "All our songs are about drigs 'n fuckin, coz everything else is borrriiinng" What about ping pong? That can be a laugh.
View from the private jet.

Here's some documentation of the opening night from Noel Ill's brother Brian.
Thanks everyone, until next time!

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