I'm gonna attempt to deconstruct the making of "Gibbo" a little so you can get some insight into what went into each scene. I'll start near the end in the little scene where skeleton Gibbo is painting the Alien picture in his big city ground floor apartment. Above is the early stages of the front of the apartment that I made with the help of Luke who professionally vandalised it for me.

I'd to do a lot of work the make the interior more "homely" while also maintaining of motif of "many faces on everything" So this painting was painted with as many faces as possible and hung on the back wall as the centre piece.
After that I'd to make the fish tank from a 3D photo frame thing- had to shoot this one on the ground from above even though it appears as an upright wall in order to animate the fish and its bubbles. Also I had to throw in some extra paintings to make it look like skeleton Gibbo had a nice body of work going. In keeping with the stupid amount of faces theme I gave every interior brick on the walls and floor a face.
As the room would be seen from outside and also outside could be seen from inside the room then I had to keep part of the city's background to make the room appear like it was in the thick of the big smoke.
You can also see a little TV in the scene for a split second, again, like the animated fish tank, this was to bring the room to life a little. It was basically an I-pod wrapped up playing the trailer to No Use. After all that carry on I had to shoot the thing which involved plenty of pain staking stop animation, but I believe it was worth it as the initial idea was achieved in the end.

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