150th post celebrations

Paper party hats, noisy extendable whistles and club shandy all round as this blog is a whole 15o posts old- that's an awful lot of dung to be talking, and let the dung pile grow.

First of all BIG ups to Human Pyramids mastermind Hovin for helping me out getting this pile of colour negative film processed- 'tis way more expensive than the usual stuff but damn, its looks so buttery as them rap fellas say. I'll elbourate on the film's image content in a liddy bit, quite excited about it!
Second BIG BIG ups go to resident Irish skateboarding mad man Jer Evans and his wife Susie who gave birth to 8lb 11' Daisy Evans, that's one big baby, small turkey tho'. The painting above will also be going into the SOMA exhibition this January, jeah Jer!

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