Eighries grearies

Any show that explores such importance themes as life, death and the current living conditions of a popular eighties Irish kids TV show gets my vote. "Remember me in 1983" came from the child brain of brain child Mick Minogue and was one of the funest shows I've been to in a while, not that I go to many anyway, but this one had a sega mega drive with street fighter 2 in it- Gibbo dutifully kicked my ass repeatedly at said game to win the title of most misspent youth.

Excuse the crappy camera phone pics, but in 1983 they woulda been top drawer sheeed, just like Bosco, but look at him now, poo-wur unfortunate soul/puppet.

Racoon finds dead care bear in woods..

There was even a live drawing projected/V'd thigs too, good to see proper effort being put in- dude can draw too, like woah!

The cap the night off every punter got a party bag to chomp down and chase with the exhibition sauce, good show I say ol' chap!

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