Cairns, North Quensland, or Caaaans as the locals know it was to be our next stop. A bit of a change from our previous dry arid extreme heat, Cairns is tropical and humid as fook, sweat bag.
Ice cream consumption levels were off the scale (that sounds like something Jer would say) ^This stuff was the best, cold rock, they've a cold plate in the ice cream shop, you pick different flavours then stuff like chocolate, nuts, jellies and whatnot to cruch into it, expensove but worth it.

My earliest zoo memories were of when I was around 4 and throwing sweet wrappers into a hippo's mouth in Dublin zoo. Ozzy zoo's are a cut above others, no wrapper throwing and pretty well looked after animals with conservation at the core of most captivity. The baul Koala, contrary to popular belief they don't actually get stoned on eucalyptus leaves, they just aren't that nutritious and its all they eat, so their energy levels are pretty low.

Baby croc with taped mouth (free of milky way wrappers)

My personal fave- the firefox!


Apart from good access to the great barrier reef, Cairns has tonnes of tropical rainforest. We went on a guided walk with a local dude Stewie who took us to this beuriful natural creek. T'was freezing cold due to the tall tree cover, and noticably lacking that salt water after taste.

You can't see it from this photo but that web is actually gold. These things were everywhere. Notice the tiny male on her back, he's got two sperm sacks and as soon as he deploys the second the games up and she chomps him. Rough justice.

Insect porn? Praying Mantis gettin' it on. The same deal happens here, the dude gets spent, then he gets spent.

Warer far.

We went out on the reef, I hate boats but somehow made the journey without puking. Cris went for a dive and I choose to snorkel. Seen some pretty alien stuff, but it always freaks me out as I've no idea what anything is and how much distance I should keep, so I tend to like returning to land. I was born on land you know?

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