I remember one of the first Irish phrases I learned in my first Bray school while donning my first beauriful grey uniform and elastic band blue tie was "bosca bruscar", literally translated it means bin box. It was just that, a cardboard box that our teacher Sister Catherine told us to put our rubbish in. Oh how times have changed! Whilst waiting for the 145 the other morning I happened upon another Bray first. As usual Bray is grabbing the rest of the country be' the scruff and dragging it into the future. Ireland's first sex shop, first aquarium, Al Collins and now this- Bray's swankiest two fingers to the recession- one of many solar powered compactors! the humble bosca bruscar has come along way. I wonder if Bosco will upgrade to a more modern abode now considering his creator is from..yeah, you've guessed it, Bray! Lets see how I can relate this to my original intent for posting- oh yeah, magazines are something that can often be found going into a solar compactor (bin for you laymen), but I never really throw out skatey mags, unless I've been cutting out stuff with a scalpel on top of them, then they get all..ah its not important- neither is this- there's an interview with yours truly in the most excellent French skate mag SOMA that I've posted right over there. If you speak fluent suave go read it. Final interesting Bray fact- Bray resident Al Collins subscribes to French mag Sugar and speaks French quite well, aaah oui!

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