Rule nation

2 months ago myself and Cris went sleepwalking and woke up in a very westernised Eastern city-Singapore. We only had a few days in this humid Metropolis, so we generally just walked around in a jet lagged state and ate. Lots of skyscrapers and lots of rules. There's tonnes of strange laws in this country, a bit over the top really. There's a fine for wasting water, but also a fine for not flushing the jax, I was in a pickle!

No loitering! That's a cool $500 fine.

Group break time exercise, they're up to something, give em the whip!

Fortunately for us, we brought no drugs into the country and subsiquently avoided the obligatory death sentence. Didn't skate either, was zombified from the flight and didn't feel like getting lashed ourreh it.

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