Skid knee

Sydney! The fake capital of Oz was a welcome change to the backpacker tailored Cairns, I prefer citys myself, and Cris was hoovering up the tourist sites with a giant straw. Here we see the famous watch for pedestrians sign, wow! A birreh lego..
and a bunch of funny hats.

We only had 3 nights there, but it was enough time to catch up with Paddy ex-pat Jay Hickey. Or Jaaaay as thebig man might pronounce it himself. As Jay has a young'n on the way he was pretty tied up with father-to-be related duties, but we did get to sneak a shred in at the very re-vamped Redfern plaza. Jay was rippin!

SO stoked to skate a genuinely original plaza, apart from 1000 blocks of all shapes and sizes there were super shippy quarters, wierd banks and a mini among other things- stokeage for days, but unfortunately I only had one evening, so it was stokage for evening. I used to work around the corner from this park when I was here. I was a hired goon for a dodgy Irish/Colomibian business relocation duo. Endless days a salty trails on me black airtex shirt while hauling desks and pcs around Sydney's CBD, total cants to work for but the bant' could not be beat.

Tis only in a big smoke type area that you'll find weird indulgences to pander to my adventurous pallet- giant sippy cups full of cold tea and chewy jelly pellets aroused my curiosity, and sibsequently my sugar levels and tastebuds.

Cris gettin' all up in that coke coloured shiiid.

Another delish sugar maggot ladened refresher..we eventually sickened ourselves of these yolks, they're half sugar anyway, thus novelty gives way to sicklity.

On a belly full of sugar we headed for the hills, or the Blue Mountains to be exarct. Pretty spectacular scenery as far as the eyeball will take ye, and get a lod of those mountains n' shit too!Chocolate factory, not as great as it made out. Ye know when you're real hungry for a proper meal and not a gob full of Willy Wonka's specialties? Cris doesn't!

What's that word? Monorail!



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