Was a hectic weekend in Dub-land, due mainly to the visit of Leo from Sidewalk , although this was eventful it, was to prove inferior to the spectacle of Dlynn's traveling inch punch show, notice how the Chi energy collects around the angry little facial area, keeeee ya! "pooosy"Finn grew some Neck hair, that's news, way to go Billy Barry.
Its rarely we get an overseas visitor that doesn't stay in Jurys, look for Leprechauns and frequent our golf courses. Its even more rare that we get a visior with 2 belly buttons, Morgan Campbell was over with the English lads and he shredded as only a twin navaled man can, he even got to experience the young howeyeh culture of the Temple Street area, "Misthur Misthur, giz a shoh oh yur buuurrd"
I stuffed myself in a Lebanese restaurant, the meals are like picking at stuff before dinner for about 3 hours, highly recommended.

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