shaka brah!

The first three rolls of the new film arrived today- ampage is off the ricky' scale!
Wan roll was color reversal (normal stuff), wan was Tri-x (Black and white) and the last was Vision 2 (negative movie film). The first delivered badness I'd since forgotten- James Black in particular reelin in a lovely flick I'd thought had gone to the land of lost keys and missing socks.

The B&W reel was all Wayne and all groovy, fuggin stoked! The last projected was the colour negative stuff- it looked bonkers when I was projecting it..

I'm having fun adjusting the colours into suitable forms for the relative places- Here's J-money in the green room brah!

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K.U.M army said...

sham i still have to see this,love the super 8 stuff,nice one guys