Brits stool

From Bray to Bristol Co. England, a helluva town- Once again I found myself in the company of Al(pha dog) at the delightful hour of 4a.m. in hot pursuit of spots, sun and eventually sleep.

We started at the mini ramp with a view out the back of 50:50, or "tweny tweny" as Al called it when asking for directions off Postman Pat.Young buck' Danny Waylight was to be the subject of the camera pointing as he provided shapes with his skateboard under his feet and the worst Irish impressions I've ever heard (from someone with an Irish Ma, shockin!)
There were many quirky spots around the city, didn't get time to take pics of them as I was taking pics of them, nah' mean? I did take a pic of Al in M&S, Ah ye-uh!
We ended up at this parr-fect 9 stair rail on Saturday that will no doubt end up in every mag in the next few months, Will Ainley, Alco linns, Paul Carter & Danny all stepped up and got down, impressive stuff.

The pecking order- Al gets top role with his mind's eye. T'was the el-scorchiest day I've felt on my honky ass all year, so any angle under the shade of a bush was favourable. Pro-chillin wirreh waterside, nice place.
Al got his celeb-on when we ran into Rowan Atkinson on a night out.
Plans were made to rest our weary bones, then plans were scuppered, but it was Mike O'Shea (a mad Brit despite his name) who took us in and gave us a well welcome horizontal platform on which to slumber. Real nice dude, real fun to skate with and real rad art.
We ran into Del boy, also an owner of a shite Irish impression, he's is a full time Britographer, but hey, its not his fault, he was born like that. Nice guns.
Should have taken a pic of this last spot, it had a bank, rail, hip, steps and wallride all in wan, just one of many rad spots there. Go visit Bristol and buy a pair of socks from Danny's shop. Rad city, rad spots, nice vibes.
Tanks lads!

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good weekend boy, cheers for coming across!!!!