Barcelona, a 4 day jaunt down a well trodden path.. I have been here a few times but only really in the capacity of skate tourist/blackguard. I have to admit that I only really enjoyed my skating on one of the trips and that was it. Macba rat race- not for me hey.

This time however, as I was visiting in a 'bisnid capacity I thought it might be a different experience. I knew I'd have to concentrate on filming, which was fine, as I was excited to be working with Daniel Lebron & Vincent Bressol. Skating befor & after the dudes, if I got any in, might feel good for me in Barscewlorra again, but alas, no. - The staple for the trip ended up being your main-stay spots, nothing beyond spitting distance was ventured to, which compared to every other city I've been to in the vid was a let down, but as I want every section to feel quite different then I suppose this will be achieved in a wierd way with Barcelona. I want each dude in each place to show me his city and how he skates it, and this was achieved, mañana.

The theatre ledge was the most productive place of all and Daniel was quite a treat to watch skate, he lands his flat ground tricks with a ker-thump and had plenty of ledge trickery for me to point at. Vincent is rad too at being French and cocky, which I like, so we instantly found a common ground in slagging eachother. Parallel was also a good footage farm where I even managed to snatch a JB Gillet cameo- stoked!

As this bloggy camera was purchased the day before I flew out I hadn't familiarised myself with its technicalities and hence the photees are a bit thin on the ground. Here's the only pic I got of my gracious host Danny- whose floor was my temp home- brekkie time, a milky coffee and 15 biscuits! "yeah meng, ees good no?" It was pretty delish' but it had my stomach doing knots pretty quickly..

 I reverted to the Steve Kelly Barcelona (Barlenerra) anytime culinary choice- a large bottle of Dan-up yoghurt. (pronounced Yooo!- ghurt, not yog-urt)

The Frenchies talk a tough food game and rightly so, as when it came to apres skate on the last day Vinzla was to prepare a chochy cake for an audience of 7 tasters. In an attempt to thwart cliche's he also had a recipe for "amaseeng crepes, zey are ze best!"

Unfortunately I'd to bail as the cake was cooling on the window sill so I didn't get to taste greatness.

Barcelonely, I dunno, the lads were mad cool, but I couldn't live there, the complete skate saturation seems to blur the things I get excited about into insignificance. I reckon I will return, but hopefully it will be with Luke & Gibbo for another "reunion tour".

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