Welcome to the House of MOB- Show pics!

Welcome! Big thanks to all who showed up for the opening night, had me a real good time! For the ease of those who can't physically get themselves to the show, I'll use the realm of internets to give you a walk through of the show. The show runs daily in the Boardroom, main st, Greystones (turn left out of DART station, last shop on the left) from 10am to 6pm until and including Saturday 19th of June. For those who like what they see feel free to drop me a mail: aul.pups@gmail.com Thanks!

Before I begin the tour, here's a summarised context- The show is about mob mentality and how people's fears of what everyone might think can get in the way of their dreams or their true self. I used multiple homogeneous characters to form over-bearing figures so as you pass through the space you get the feeling of being outnumbered and small. A lot of the canvas works point to how the mob can be omnipresent, but the inclusion of some inspirational and unshakeable characters like George Hook & Eamon Dunphy show that the mob's opinion is only as big or important as you make it yourself.
Lets begin on the outside- The guys in The Boardroom let me have complete freedom with this project, so I couldn't resist sprawling the mural all over.

Here's the view as you pass through the door. I though it would be cool to incorporate the canvas work into the murals themselves, so, eh, I did.
..then the view from the top of the first flight of stairs..
..and again from the bottom (lunging gallery proprietor optional)
The main wall..lots of ladder work involved.
The top flight of stairs.
The top lobbyish area.
Back wall...and here's some close ups of the work involved. (all acrylic on canvas)
"Sky Mob #2"
Gibbons family three (taken from private collection)
"Zero hour"
"Welcome to the house of Mob"
"Eighties greaties..today"
"Sun down slow down"
"Dusk Fuss"
"Ghost estate mob"
"Welcome to the house of mob"
"Mob unswayed: McGowan"
"Mob unswayed: Dunphy"
"Mob unswayed: Hook"

Kevin Tunney and Al Collins in the pitt.
The Bray mob get thier pretend on.
Jess, The Sheriff (who flew in from Finland) and Dillon get to grippin.
Rich Gill and Rog plus one..and the remains of a magnum ice cream that Benicio Del Toro had couriered in for the opening night.
DJ Luke Broughan got the party started correctly.
Good times!
Messing ensued courtesy of The Funky Gibbons.

The up all night crew.. good times!

Once again big thanks to all who showed up and to Tim and Derek @ The Boardroom for having me. Keep an eye on the Human Pyramids art collective site for more reports.
For any info on the show or art, drop me a mail here: aul.pups@gmail.com

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