"MOB...LOL" Solo show @ The Little Ghost Gallery, Kilkenny.

I'm just getting back into the swing of things after a very rad week in the marble city. I was lucky enough to have the run of The Little Ghost Gallery for the week and I took full advantage!!

Before I go further I'm stoked to announce that 3 works from the SOMA show in January have been snapped up by the Waterford City municipal collection where it will be hanging out with renowned Irish artists Jack B Yeats and Louis Le Brocquy. Huh? Mad!

Super mad swinging high fives to all who made the effort to come down and check the show out- I know a few folk ha quite the journey on the evening of the opening night, much appreciated folks!
Special shout outs to Cris for helping me hang the show, Mick and Anne for providing the space, Luke for ripping some quality beats on the night, Val for cooking up a storm with her delicious themed buns and Ben for providing a rad selection of props and free pottery gifts for those who came along...and Kevin Tunney for providing any good photos you see here..cheers 'yall!
Feel stoked that people came and gave my stuff their time, can't wait to do another show!

I'm stoked to say a bunch of stuff sold, and I've also been getting a few purchase inquiries from folk who couldn't make the journey down to Kilkenny, if you have such an inquiry, send it here: aul.pups@gmail.com

I've quite a lot of photos to post from the show, so I guess I'll stop rambling and do just that..

Magic chef Val Kelly with her creations that had everyone chompin and chewin'
I ate too many of these..so good!
Watcha lookin' at sucka?
The local papps from the Daily Bugel called around- the guy had sleaze down to an art- greasy balding slick back pony tail, bad breath and a couple pints in the belly- right in there.
A bu grabs a quick photo opp with dreamboat and Irish skateboarding champ of champs Al Collins
An unprepared looking Val Kelly, a ready to rip Andrew Gibbons and a shirted up Al Collins, good folk!
Props mastermind Ben O'Brien talks high brow with Lorraine Clear over a glass'o'sauce.
My Bro, Maeter, with lens man Kevin Tunney and Lorraine.
My bro Peter "Maeter" Evans about to commit leud conduct in a public gallery.
Yours truly and my better half Cris, was stoked on how the night went, thanks Cris for helping me hang the show!!
Possibly the most labour intensive piece "Twidols" 7ft x 1.5 ft. I went onto KCLR fm during the week to talk about the show and by coincidence Jedward will be on the same radio show in two weeks time..wonder what they'd think of themselves on some scaled up fancy bog roll?
"Southside mob" 30cm x 10cm (sold)
Big face close up.
A few lawlz.
"Twidols" full shot
"Roflbrothel" 20cm x 30cm
"You have to see it, its in 3D" 10cm x 30cm (sold)
"Dub mob triptic" 3x 10cm x 10cm (sold)
"Wrong turn on the Northside" 30cm x 10cm (sold)
"trans city mob" 30cm x 10cm (sold)
"Estate mob" 30cm x 10cm (sold)
"Southside mob" 30cm x 10cm (sold)

"the inconvenient truth is, we havn't even scratched the surface" 25cm x 25cm (sold)
"Whose sick you gotta duck for a record contract around here man?" 25cm x 25m (sold)
"Mob Escalation" 30cm x 30cm (sold)
"Flate screen HD ready surround sound Tuesday evening cookery show" 30cm x 30cm
"The morning after the lulz before" 30cm x 30cm
"Maeter in the midddle" 5 piece installation
"Maeter lols" 10cm x 10cm (sold)
"Ben Lawlz" 10cm x 10cm (sold)
"Luke and Devo Lawlz" 10cm x 10cm
"New Order" 10cm x 30cm (sold)

"Ironic moustache hipster club" 30cm x 10cm (sold)
"Steamloller" 30cm x 10 cm (sold)
Back wall close up

"History keeps repeating itself...lol"
28 piece canvas, various sizes andd prices. Enquire if interested for individual pics of each piece: aul.pups@gmail.com

"MOB..lol" (sold)
"twidols" from top

Feel free to drop me a mail about any of the work above: aul.pups@gmail.com


Here's the Artist Statement:

"I could never get my head around mob mentality. I've never been quite sure where my attitude for this comes from, but as far back as I can remember I could never understand why people would succumb to the ideas of a larger group even if they didn't share the opinion of that group. The people who inspire me most are those who don't regard the opinion of "The Mob" and just pursue the course that feels most natural to them, which is often following their passions.
As a human in Irish society today there are many seemingly inescapable clich├ęs that go unquestioned. I found by using a very simple character in all of the works for this show that I could put some of these various common scenarios into a slightly ridiculous context, and therefore make these scenarios more questionable. Media, advertising, dress codes, fame, txt speak, idols, music, sport, public movement and opinions are some of the ideas that seemed most apt for me to illustrate what I was trying to get at, which is that there is no harm in questioning anything you do. Just because everyone else is doing something it does not mean you are obliged to participate also. "The next big thing" will be yesterday’s news in no time. Who says you need to spend your evenings in front of a flat screen HD ready TV? Who says you don't? Who says you need to ride around on a skateboard or spend hours on end scribbling to get the most out of your day? Do whatever floats your boat, or don't."

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Loved your Blog. Some friends were just at Little Ghost Gallery and that's what caught my attention. Very nice !