Woah, sun? Yeah!
Spent the day filling a skip with my bro yesterday- we were getting rid of a couple of decades worth of collective dung from my parents place. Fisherprice garage, good clean fun.

I had a stack of old boards, felt bad chuckin' em, but you've got to me ruthless when filling a skip. there's a few notable memories on the grip there- "men wirreh gee" came from an infamous Barcelona trip where a man with a tuppence was spotted on the cover of a blue tinted motion picture- man, they display the most heinous dvds on the street in Bareclona.
"Jim Evans 4 life" refers to a wrestler- you know when you're a kid and you cling to anything spectacular about your name- well the best we could find was one of those Wrestlers who was just there to get nailed by a bad guy, a filler, a dummy, or a "jobber" as its known in the biz, poor Jim Evans never stood a chance.

"Kiss me flaps" is an old tale from Bray that i best not repeat in order not to incriminate anyone.

I couldn't throw out my first "real" board- A Santa Cruz Jeff Hedges, got it second hand, swapped for a stratt guitar and a few quid. It had rat bone wheels, risers, one red indy truck and a pre grooved gullwing I think. The big emphasis from the seller was that his mate worked at an airport and gave him bearing from an airplane- and he would be pissed off if I didn't look after them.

Here's what remains of my first actual board,a "Rad rat-a-tat-tttt"- I only would push around on me knees- I think the truck snapped after a day- plastic shite.

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