Its the finaaall countdownnnnn.. Belfast, my second filming trip to my favourite kip! I was returning to wrap up Conhuir & Denis' section and subsequently the filming for the entire vid-yo! Fortunately I'd got lots of good stuff the first trip, but as Conhuir had the handicap of a giant bruise on his back the first time, I felt if only fair to give him another whip crack, as for Denis, he's still a dick.
The good ship Mini Brown has not dropped his childhood habits of only drinking coffee/coke/beer/scotch, only eating grease, and only breathing cigi-smoke. So as per usual, on the first night he died and rose again according to the scriptures. (to drive me around Belfast's ropeyest/raddest estates- fair play!)
Speaking of cigis and cwafee, Con Ling shook off the sub zero temperatures and ignored his purple hands in order for me to point at him, maith an fear! T'was sriously chilly which gave big Lynn the added pleasure of a sensation of cold needles blasting up his feet, nice.
D'Lynn's tact was more capitalist "If I land thas will you buy me Bakfast?" If you learn to talk I might- try school D'Lynn! Denis is one of my favourite skaters, but he rarely does the same trick twice so you have to be on point- "eem nat doin it agan ye dack"
Belfast has a long history of controversy, and this trip was to prove no different as the true origin of the senor' Tayto was disscussed. Obviously the guy on the left is the real deal, happy as Larry, yer man on the right, wouldn't trust him as far as I could wrap him in butter covered white sliced pan.

There's 11 cities in this vid, and I gots to tell you that Belfast sticks out. All the other were amazing, but Belfast sticks in my head for the sheer resiliance of the locals in creating such a rad scene up there, good craic, good times, lemons & lemonade and all o' that.

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